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WTF Mr. President?

February 4, 2009

I’ve supported you from the beginning of the campaign. Just WTF are you and your people doing nominating not one, not two, but three high level people without checking out their tax liabilities. Or did you check them out and think that we wouldn’t care? A bunch of fucking already rich people who cheat on their taxes and you didn’t check that all out before you selected them? This is CHANGE?

No. This is fucking Washington business as usual. You’re right. You fucked up. We’ve had enough of presidents fucking up. Get better and get better quick. Or you won’t last past 4 years. You made promises. Keep them. Or join the ranks of all the other big talk lying politicians that we’ve gotten used to.


Worthy of a post

January 21, 2009


At the very least. After decades of mediocrity, it seems that America has chosen the right and the best man for the job. I feel like, overnight, I became proud to be an American again. And I don’t think I’m alone. His words, his demeanor, his very presence just screams sound leadership.

As Bush slinked away like the wounded badger he is, Obama grabbed the reins of the huge, crazed but sickly bull that is America. Can he stay in the saddle and control this beast? Only time will tell. But hope abounds around the globe that he can and will.

They all say it, but this is truly the beginning of a new era. I believe Obama and his associates are up to the task. I hope the American people are, too.

That One

October 9, 2008

I agree with Libby over at the Impolitic. All McCain did when he made this comment was give Obama a new and good campaign slogan. McCain’s attempt at racist insults may backfire.

Obama is That One. That one who has the intelligence, the fortitude, and the vision to reverse the disasterous course set by the Bushies and McCains.

I’m shocked that the press is calling the debate a tie. Obama was professional, confident and articulate and McCain looked like an aging robot. And what’s with his arm? Every time he raised his knarled, pointy finger his arm was bent as if he couldn’t straighten it out. Jeebus, he’s a mess. I don’t want to be fatalistic, but If McCain gets elected I think Palin will be president longer than he will.

The Dullwitted Duo

September 24, 2008

I find it utterly incredible that any rank and file citizens of the US would even consider voting for McCain/Palin (the very best the Republicans have to offer). There is no disputing the fact that the current Republican president is a criminal. There is blatant evidence now that he and his Republican controlled Congress (for 6 years) have sent the US spiralling into economic chaos. His $700 billion dollar solution won’t solve the underlying problems at all but will tie the hands of his successor’s chance of any reasonably quick reform.

I don’t think that McCain flip flops with his stand on issues. I think that he can’t remember day by day what his stance is! His senility is obvious. I’m sure his handlers and advisers cringe every time he steps before a microphone.

He’s a deregulator who is pushing for the biggest increase in regulation in history. He is an ultra capitalist encouraging the complete socialization of the credit industy. And he’s the number one voice of the “small government” party who have created the most enormous government entity in US history as well.

Palin, as I’ve said before is just a dingbat. It’s no wonder the advisors won’t allow her to talk to the press. She couldn’t possibly handle even the simplest of questions.

That said, none of it matters. He is a former POW and she has a cute face and nice legs and they both say they believe in god. That’s gonna get them the votes to take over the most powerful government on the planet in its most critical time in history.

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. But I did receive my absentee ballot and I am going to vote for Obama. I’m going to do that in front of my foreign students as an example of political freedom in the worlds largest democracy. Isn’t that a joke.

America nears – The End

September 20, 2008

With sadness and relish, I await it.

I’m a bad blogger

September 11, 2008

God. I really am. I haven’t posted for days, even with all of the Sarah “Lucy Ricardo” spins going on and the ridiculous polls and Mr. Cheeky still spouting his horseshit and the American people just sucking it up like sushi.

This is my final exams week – plus I’m sick, and I just haven’t had the motivation or time to post. But so many others have. My blogroll is full of them. Tomorrow I give my oral exams, after which I will get back into it. And there is so much to get into. Right now I’m just staring at poll results that say that McBush is actually even with or ahead of Obama. Are the people in the US really that incredibly gullible and stupid?


Former Classmate and POW speaks out on McCain

September 7, 2008

H/t to Bob at 9 Pound Hammer for posting this. This guy certainly has the qualifications to say what he does.