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Bye Gang, its been a gas

March 13, 2009

After about 4 years and lots of posts, I’m gonna leave the blogsphere. Just don’t have the time anymore. I’ll leave the blog up for a while because it gets a lot of hits on a few of my past posts and pics.

I’ve cyber-met many wonderful people here, Libby, the Fogg man, Bob Rini and a dozen or so others and I’ll still check in with them from time to time. And I’ve had a lot of fun.

This is therapy for many of us. A way to yell and scream out our points of view to a world that seems to no longer listen or care. We see the injustice every day, many of us do, but the injustice never seems to change. It just gets worse.

I wish our new president all the luck in the world, but I really don’t think it makes any difference who sits in that office from one election to the next. The real power stays in the background, manipulating the money supply and selling out the country for profit.

Between them and the horrific environmental deterioration we face, I pretty much think future generations are doomed.

I’m busy now, but soon I will retire, spend more time enjoying my kids and grandkids, and just sit back and watch it play out for as long as I have left.

Like it says in my header, I’m just along for the ride.

Peace be with you.



Bytes from my Blogroll

November 21, 2007

snake-bites-face.jpgI thought I had a handle on the political and religious sex crime beat but Agitprop puts me to shame with his Cocktober and Blowvember coverage. Shakes has the story on why our troops have to pay if they get wounded. Here’s the raw story on Rove stabbing Bush in the back. Nolocontendre, with her usual sharp wit, explains why Colorado women who have the gall to menstruate may be arrested for murder. Of course when it comes to wit, The General is the master. Here he questions plans for cameras on the beaches designed to catch folks doing a variety of nasties. Huff’s got the world through Bush Colored Glasses.

Big Ass Belle is being harassed by some vandalizing punks. They are making a biiiiiiiig mistake. Finally, and more seriously, Digby takes a stand against trying children as adults with this story about 8 and 9 year old boys being arrested for “rape”. And I agree with her when she says,

“American culture has always been violent and somewhat backwards in these ways, at least compared to other first world countries. But in the last couple of decades we seem to be nurturing it to the extent we have lost all common sense and certainly any sense of proportion. Arresting little boys on charges of felony rape is not only ridiculous on it’s face, it demeans the entire justice system.”

Useless Leftist Blogging

October 26, 2007

I just posted a comment over at Impolitic and it made me think. Does all of our blogging really do anything other than feed our need to be heard by someone – anyone? I look over at my blogroll and at least the political part is all people that feel more or less exactly like me.

Is it worth my time to write here about that cesspool that is the White House deleting most of the recent expert report on global warming? Or the murderers that are Blackwater? Or the traitor that is your president? Or any of the other subjects that we all cover every day?

Is anyone reading it that doesn’t already know it and feel the same way? I don’t have a large readership here but those who come and those who comment are the same people every day. So really, I’m just having a conversation with a few folks who will just nod their head at what I say because they are going to write the same thing. Seems like a big waste of time to me.

Now, some bloggers are spending so much time posting (to each other) that they have to bring on additional writers to help! That new writer now splits his time posting between two blogs or more often, just posts the same stuff on more than one blog! So now I get to read the same thing, about the same way I feel, at two different places!

Sure, the new writer gets more exposure that way, assuming there are those who read the new site but didn’t read his original site, and the host gets more info posted, but does that actually do any good if we are still all posting the same information and tossing it like a baseball back and forth within a set circle of friends?

Aside from a Daily Kos and Huffington and a few others, and aside from those random search hits, do any of us actually get through to those who aren’t on our blogroll? What percentage of your comments come from folks you don’t recognize?

I think that if we really want to get this debate going, and get our word out, we should stop spending the little time we have commenting on each others liberal sites and start commenting on the oppositions sites where someone new might read it. We might also get a whole new set of readers and comments for our own blogs that way.

I think I’ll go surfing and look for some good right wing blogs…..not the nut cases….and get them into my blogroll and see what happens. Besides, having everyone always agree with you is soooooo boring. I love a good argument. If I can’t get it on the right wing blogs, I’ll just have to post something new on the Catholic Church. That’s always good for a bitch or two.

Bytes from My Blogroll

October 10, 2007

support-copy.jpgBigAssbelle posts a very moving article on aging in the gay community. Nytexan over at BlueBloggin has a piece up on spying-then and now-that includes eyewitness info on these little robotic mosquito spies being spotted at anti-war rallies. Hell, there’s even one watching Libby! Mike at PragueTwin has a great post on the US publicrobot.jpg debt with numbers that are frightening. In case you missed it, Fogg reports on the first creation by man of a living thing-from chemicals.

Nolocondendre has a chilling slant on the 9/11 mystery and also a good, quick debunk on the inane celebration of Columbus day. Shaun at Kiko’s House tells us why he’s ashamed to be a blogger in response to the Graeme Frost affair. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Wildlife Direct and donations from the readers of their blogs, pregnant Congolese women have a new, clean mattress on which to give birth. See the pics here. Support them with hits.

Bytes from My Blogroll

July 27, 2007

Some good stuff from the list today…

First up, Kathy at Stone Soup has the best example of the Bush hypocrisy when it comes to government run health care. God, I hope he has to deal with an HMO someday! Captain Fogg, with his usual brilliant prose has the scoop on the Bush-Nazi connection and also exposes those “I saw Jesus in a wash rag myths”. Libby at Impolitic is ‘effing pissed off about all kinds of “batshit” today. Who can blame her? Cliff Schecter has the short story on the guy who got arrested for assault for telling Cheney his policies were unsound. Well, at least he didn’t get shot in the face. Belle is going on vacation! And she’s taking a…muumuu? Jeez, tell me it isn’t so! Bluebloggin has the tragic breaking story of the flood at the Bush Library in Crawford. (People there can read?) Firedoglake has the story on the crazy people attending the Christians United for Isreal Conference and guess who’s speaking there. Finally, and on a much more serious note, Praguetwin supplies the link to this excellent and profound article from wapo on Why Do They Hate Us? Read both pages.

Steve Gilliard 1966 – 2007

June 3, 2007

Steve Gilliard, publisher of The News Blog has died at 41. American Street has a nice history and tribute to Steve here.

Quick Bits from the Blogroll

June 1, 2007

Good stuff from some lesser blogs

Murph at Cyclone gives us fair warning on the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. Mike at Praguetwin has the entire text.

Libby at Impolitic has a red alert. Bush has gone batshit!

Shaun at Kikos House is tracking our missing soldiers daily

Steve Soto has a rundown on the newest Bush bullshit on Global Warming.

Free Iraq has a very worthwhile two-part video on Blackwater.

On a lighter note, Empire chimes in with some quotable quotes

And finally, Kathy from Stone Soup is back (whew!) after a two week vacation and tells us why Vegas is a nice place to visit but….