About WGM

World Gone Mad is about the corruption and indecency of the previous American administration and it’s illegal war.  It also contains posts on crime, the environment, endangered species and other lesser reported news items. About once a week I get nostalgic and post some of the good old music.

If you love Bush and his clone McCain, if you support the war, if you are a racist or sexist pig, if you beat your dog or set forest fires for fun, you probably won’t enjoy this blog. Otherwise, stick around. I’ll try not to bore you.

Note: As of March 20, 2009, I have stopped posting – at least for a while. The demands of my job and home just don’t leave the time. I do get quite a bit of traffic to some previous posts and will leave the blog active for that.


3 Comments on “About WGM”

  1. Shifta Says:

    I do enjoy this blog a lot.

  2. (O)CT(O)PUS Says:

    Since The Impolitic is no longer a group blog, would you care to join another. You’ll find some old colleagues there.

  3. Rick Singer Says:

    Happy New Year BW!

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