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Un Bali Vable

November 9, 2011

Just got back from my second trip to Bali this year. This one was for relaxation and a little snorkeling. We stayed at the Laguna Resort and Spa which is right next door to the Hotel where all the big wigs are staying for the ASEAN Summit which starts next week. Even Obama is going this time.Its a 5 star, which I couldn’t normally afford but got a great deal on

The snorkeling trip was great…private boat, driver, photographer for about 3 hours for a total price of about US$75. If you ever get a chance, Bali is worth the trip. If you wanna see more video, look up Bali Snorkeling 2 and Bali Snorkeling 3 on YouTube.


Catchin the next stage to Bali

October 28, 2011

Fell in love with Bali when I spent a few days there with my daughter in August. Going back next week, this time to the five star Laguna Resort and Spa in Nusa Dua.

It’s only a 2 hour and 30 minute flight. One of the advantages of living where I do.

Viva Asia!

Dali in Singapore

October 17, 2011

My daughter and grandson spent a few days here at the end of their two month jaunt through SE Asia. While she took a side trip to Bali (I later joined her) my 16 year old GS and I visited the Dali Exhibit at the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. Great stuff. Thought I would share a few pics and a couple of the artists quotes.

This last quote was one of my favorites.


income tax time…again

July 12, 2011

Annually I post about my income tax and crime stats. I just paid my income tax. Thought I might relate it for all you DOMESTIC Americans. First of all, this year, as far as filing forms and all that, there were none. I received a short notice of my circumstances and was simply asked, if they are correct, i had to do nothing. In other words, instead of the 200 page book for filing that AMERICANS receive, i got an email and had to do NO PAPER WORK.

As far as the amount I paid, let me see….multiply by the percent….carry the one….take out the deduction…yup, they were right!

Total tax liability = 1.92%.

And I am a singe person, filing that way. Read it and weep.

Still alive and kickin’

July 9, 2011

Been a long time since I posted here. But life has gone on. I’m heading the English Department in an Australian college in Singapore now and all is well. But I’m looking to retire soon-just searching for a place to do that.

Right now my choices are Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador or The Philippines. These are all places that are popular with expats because of the low cost of living. Any of you who might be interested in part time or full time living abroad might want to check out

My daughter and grandson are currently touring SE Asia and will be in Singapore in a few weeks. Their trip includes several places in Vietnam (Hanoi, Dalat, Hoi An, HCM City, etc) then on to Cambodia, Chang Mai and Phuket in Thailand, then here.

From here they will go to a jungle camp in Sumatra, Indonesia then on to Bali.

Yeah, I’m jealous.

Anyway, hope you are all well.

Chinese New Year 2009 Singapore

January 23, 2009

Last night we visited the chaotic but wonderful shops and displays set up in Chinatown to welcome in the year of the bull. Here you see the Rats from last year escorting in the Bulls for this year. If you want to see all of the pics, I have them posted on Facebook here. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!



December 10, 2008

I saw Sonny and Cher at the Civic Auditorium in San Jose way back in the year this song came out. Think it was 1965 when I was 16. The song was a hit but they were new and unknown. Along with Bobby Freeman (The Swim), they opened for Paul Revere and the Raiders that night. In this clip from that year, Cher is shy with her crooked teeth and funny nose and Sonny looks like a pauper right out of the Robin Hood days.

Of course after their divorce, Sonny went on to become the mayor of Palm Springs, and later died, and Cher went on to become a superb actress, superstar performer and deserving diva. This is my fav clip  of her after the transformation.

As Buffalo would say, life is sweet when you have entertainment like this.