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The Dullwitted Duo

September 24, 2008

I find it utterly incredible that any rank and file citizens of the US would even consider voting for McCain/Palin (the very best the Republicans have to offer). There is no disputing the fact that the current Republican president is a criminal. There is blatant evidence now that he and his Republican controlled Congress (for 6 years) have sent the US spiralling into economic chaos. His $700 billion dollar solution won’t solve the underlying problems at all but will tie the hands of his successor’s chance of any reasonably quick reform.

I don’t think that McCain flip flops with his stand on issues. I think that he can’t remember day by day what his stance is! His senility is obvious. I’m sure his handlers and advisers cringe every time he steps before a microphone.

He’s a deregulator who is pushing for the biggest increase in regulation in history. He is an ultra capitalist encouraging the complete socialization of the credit industy. And he’s the number one voice of the “small government” party who have created the most enormous government entity in US history as well.

Palin, as I’ve said before is just a dingbat. It’s no wonder the advisors won’t allow her to talk to the press. She couldn’t possibly handle even the simplest of questions.

That said, none of it matters. He is a former POW and she has a cute face and nice legs and they both say they believe in god. That’s gonna get them the votes to take over the most powerful government on the planet in its most critical time in history.

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. But I did receive my absentee ballot and I am going to vote for Obama. I’m going to do that in front of my foreign students as an example of political freedom in the worlds largest democracy. Isn’t that a joke.


Get Ready for President Palin

September 18, 2008

This is why I love Huff Post. A great post on what to expect when Sarah takes over.

Dingbats in the White House

September 1, 2008

That’s exactly what we’ll have if McCain gets elected and if the American people are dumb enough to put him there, that’s just what they deserve. He’s made it glaringly obvious that he’s senile and his new dingbat choice for VP proves it. She’s like the old I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball with a gun.

At first I thought maybe McCain was smarter than I thought. Maybe he knows that the American voter will be swayed because she’s a woman, she’s young, she’s pretty in a dingbatty sort of way and she says “Yup, Yup”. The typical American voter won’t be influenced by the fact that she’s a nobody, with no experience and is utterly unprepared to assume the job of President if McCain should fall over dead. Of course the NRA will love her to death. She’s a perfect replacement for Cheney. He shoots lawyers in the face and she can put a big bloody hole in a moose while her horrified daughter looks on.

All in all I think the country in general and the Republican party specifically has shown an enormous lack of political intelligence to let either one of these jerks get to this point in the first place. But as they both scamper down to New Orleans for their photo ops with Bushy, as they each try to convince us that they actually give a damn about poor people, as they embrace a few terrified black women, we will praise them with Ohhs and Ahhs as they rush back to their hotel rooms to wash their soiled hands.

Deleting comments

July 20, 2008

I have only deleted comments to my posts once in the past that I can remember. In that instance, I was emailed by the attorney for a young divorced woman whose exhusband had killed  their two children and himself in a desparate rage that has yet to be explained. I had followed and written about him because he was an untreated PTSD veteran of Iraq. The comments, mostly by family members, had become heated and even petty, and the attorney asked if I would consider removing the worst of them as they were disturbing to the exwife and the one surviving child. I agreed to do just that.

But today I deleted a series of comments left recently by someone who calls him/herself the ignorant American. This person somehow found my tiny blog and decided to stop by – and I will put this as respectfully as I can – to ridicule my more liberal views and to promote the conservative agenda of Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain. How’s that for respectful!

In any case, I deleted his/her comments because I don’t believe what he/she had to say, think he/she is utterly and completely wrong, and let him call me an idiot and a moron one time too many already. I’m pretty sure my IQ is greater than his and I’m damn sure my experience is much more broad, but neither is the point.

The point is, it’s my blog. I will delete who and what I want and write what I want. If Mr./Mrs./Ms ignorant American doesn’t like it, he/she can go comment somewhere else or he/she can go fuck him/herself.