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We’re gonna get what we deserve…..again

February 10, 2012

Just a short note. Is there really anyone out there who believes that Romney or Gingrich or Santorum is the BEST person to be the next president? Has anyone noticed that ALL they do is try to smear the other guy? Can’t they do better than, ah, tell us what they do that is good and why they are the best?

I know we go through this every 4 years but doesn’t anyone get as sick of it as me?

Can’t the Reflublicans, with all their money and power and contacts come up with anyone better than these three jokers?

I really don’t mind them ridiculing each other. I’ll be voting for Obama again. But it would be nice to have a little competition. Then again, the Reflubs have ballot box tampering on their side. Almost forgot.

Anyway, on a more personal note, I’m still living happily in Singapore but have started looking at other places to retire. Need a nice second or third world country where my dollar will go a lonnnnnnng way.


Mega Rich are now “Job Creators”

September 21, 2011

I just love how the Repubs do that. We can’t raise taxes on the “job creators” or they won’t be able to “create jobs”. Since when?

At the same time, they berate Obama for the lack of new jobs. So what are these “job creators” doing? Where are the jobs?

What they’re doing of course is sinking all the money they save on taxes into new personal investments so they can save even more on low taxes.

Create jobs my ass. Create this, assholes.

Been a while..gonna be again

October 27, 2008

I’ve never been this remiss before about posting to this blog.  But alas, my excuse is good as I have been blogging elsewhere. That link will take you to the blog I set up at the school for foreign students where I teach.

Anyway, since I already heard the fat lady singing, there hasn’t been that much to talk about. Sure, the campaigns have continued. McBush is down double digits and like the ignoramous he is, he says he’s happy where he is. Palin has “gone rogue” in the words of some inside staffers. In other words, as might be predicted, the dingbat is out of control, gone completely crazy with the media frenzy that surrounds her, and will certainly do something so incredibly stupid that her political career will implode if it hasn’t already.

I’ve been especially amused by the various opinions expoused lately on what a “real American” is. It seems to be anyone who falls between Walter Brennen’s “Old Rivers” and Andy of Maybury. Somehow, those of us who are educated, professional, thinking adults have been excluded from the definition.

Bloggingdino was right in his (her?) critique of one of my earlier comments over at The Swash Zone. The American voter is not mind numbingly stupid as I overgeneralized. It is only approximately half of them that are. Well, in the case of this election, less than half and that number is deteriorating rapidly. In any case, the moronic ones are quite simply the Republicans, who, with all of their failures so blatantly exposed, continue to support not only their ridiculous “team” of McCain/Palin, but continue to preach – to an emptying room – that their way works the best! They are apparently absolutely blind to their own recent history!

Like so many others, I feel like I have been politically brutalized by the Republicans for so long that I find it nearly, if not completely impossible to be in any way optomistic of the future. Yet, with Obama in charge and a 60+% in congress, who knows. Maybe, like Michelle, I’ll get a renewed sense of pride and hope.

The Dullwitted Duo

September 24, 2008

I find it utterly incredible that any rank and file citizens of the US would even consider voting for McCain/Palin (the very best the Republicans have to offer). There is no disputing the fact that the current Republican president is a criminal. There is blatant evidence now that he and his Republican controlled Congress (for 6 years) have sent the US spiralling into economic chaos. His $700 billion dollar solution won’t solve the underlying problems at all but will tie the hands of his successor’s chance of any reasonably quick reform.

I don’t think that McCain flip flops with his stand on issues. I think that he can’t remember day by day what his stance is! His senility is obvious. I’m sure his handlers and advisers cringe every time he steps before a microphone.

He’s a deregulator who is pushing for the biggest increase in regulation in history. He is an ultra capitalist encouraging the complete socialization of the credit industy. And he’s the number one voice of the “small government” party who have created the most enormous government entity in US history as well.

Palin, as I’ve said before is just a dingbat. It’s no wonder the advisors won’t allow her to talk to the press. She couldn’t possibly handle even the simplest of questions.

That said, none of it matters. He is a former POW and she has a cute face and nice legs and they both say they believe in god. That’s gonna get them the votes to take over the most powerful government on the planet in its most critical time in history.

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. But I did receive my absentee ballot and I am going to vote for Obama. I’m going to do that in front of my foreign students as an example of political freedom in the worlds largest democracy. Isn’t that a joke.

America nears – The End

September 20, 2008

With sadness and relish, I await it.

American Politics – Corrupt by definition

September 12, 2008

You know, it really is unbelievable what has happened to that country. And a great number thinks its ok. The political system in the US is beyond hope. You are doomed to super rich oil companies running the country and lobbyists for them running Washington. If you think anyone up there really gives a shit about you, you’re living in dreamland.

I like Singapore because the Prime Minister comes out each year and says what is going to happen the next year. And then, IT DOES. Granted, the people don’t elect him, they only elect the parliament. Then the parliament elects him. None of that matters because the results are so enormously superior to the system in the US that I can’t imagine anyone living/working here and ever wanting to go back to that ignorant, gullible and totally corrupt system.  I certainly don’t ever want to.

You can have your zillion dollar campaigns full of lies and deceipt. You can have all of your talking heads spouting their nightly drivel, all of which is meaningless. While all of that “public” commentary is going on, the real power pushers are doing what they have always done and always will do. They are directing the policy of the US through their influence and cash.

For Americans to sit there and think that their vote matters, that anything is going to change, that some wonderful regression back to a time of respect and world influence is just one election away, is all dreams.

You’re going down the tubes. The rest of the world knows it and is just sitting back watching it happen. Come to think of it, most of you are just sitting on your butts watching it happen too.

I’m a bad blogger

September 11, 2008

God. I really am. I haven’t posted for days, even with all of the Sarah “Lucy Ricardo” spins going on and the ridiculous polls and Mr. Cheeky still spouting his horseshit and the American people just sucking it up like sushi.

This is my final exams week – plus I’m sick, and I just haven’t had the motivation or time to post. But so many others have. My blogroll is full of them. Tomorrow I give my oral exams, after which I will get back into it. And there is so much to get into. Right now I’m just staring at poll results that say that McBush is actually even with or ahead of Obama. Are the people in the US really that incredibly gullible and stupid?