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Obama: Speak more than just English speech causes uproar

July 10, 2008

Well, at least it caused an uproar in the usual republican circles.

In what I thought was a very good, down to earth speech, Obama suggested that American children should learn a foreign language along with English. OMG! NOT A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! AMERICANS?

Yeah, pretty ridiculous idea. Why should Americans, the rulers of the world – the superior race – the most intelligent people on the planet – the chosen people by God, have to learn someone else’s – anyone else’s language. DAMN THOSE HEATHENS! If they want to talk to us, they damn well better be able to speak our language. Even if we are in their country!

Guess what? Many of them already do speak your language. Because they have such a better public school system than exists in the US, because they understand the advantages of being bi-lingual, because they have a clue about being prepared for international business, their syllabus includes English.

Because Obama suggested that it might be a good idea for American people to be able to say more than Merci Beaucoup, or Si Senor when they are in a foreign country, the right wing biased, drippingly wealthy, racist msm jumped on it and tried to make it sound as if that was a bad thing. And the Americans will go, “OOOOO…” what a bad suggestion! He wants us all to be Mexicans! Or Chinese! Or some such idiotic ignorant bullshit.

You know what, gang? It’s a damn good idea for American children to be required to speak a second languadge. You know, like almost all of the other modern countries require. It’s a small world and who knows what business is going to look like even 20 years from now? We currently are teaching our children how to do the jobs that exist today. But many of the jobs, indeed about 50%,  that will need filling in 20 years don’t even exist now.

Not to mention the fact that, if the US stays on its current course, if it continues to sink into economic depression, if it continues to produce failure after failure internationally and to lose respect around the world, if it’s weakened knees finally give out and it crumbles, your children would be well served to be able to communicate with foreign people from perhaps the new, more powerful nations.


Buy a car – get a gun for FREE!!

May 24, 2008

This story, that didn’t make the US headlines (why would it?), was on BBC. A Missouri car dealer has quadrupled his sales by offering a free handgun with every auto purchased. This could only happen in the US of A.

Customers can choose between a gun or a $250 (£125) gas card, but most so far have chosen the gun. Owner Mark Muller said: “We’re just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want to.”

Muller, reaching under his sagging belly to scratch his balls as he spit out a wad of chaw, said that he’s sold 30 vehicles in the last 2 days and every customer except one guy from Canada has chosen the gun over the gas card. And where did this marvelous idea come from?

“We did it because of Barack Obama. He said all those people in the Midwest, you’ve got to have compassion for them because they’re clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive. We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns.”

Well, of course you do. What with those terrorists just itching to invade Butler, Missouri what choice do you have? Hell, if they buy a car from Max Motors you can carry two or ten or a thousand guns! Goddammit, this is Amer’ca.

Your constitutional rights aside, it’s a little bit of a stretch to use Obama as an excuse to distribute more firearms, especially off of a used car lot.

What’s really offensive here is not Obama’s remarks. It’s the fact that we live in a country where a car salesmen can give away handguns like gift certificates and no one cares. It doesn’t even make the news. (I wonder if they’re packin’ even when they march into church each Sunday to show what good Christians they are)

I’m sure Butler is a nice, quiet little town and I’m sure the population’s average IQ is well over 70. But I just have a funny feeling that I won’t be visiting them any time soon.

Author’s note: This marks the 500th post at World Gone Mad. I thought perhaps I should do some kind of  special post but this one is as good as any.

Stuff White People Like

February 17, 2008

I just saw this link over at Huffington. Fun stuff but you might want to bookmark it and read a little at a time.