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We’re gonna get what we deserve…..again

February 10, 2012

Just a short note. Is there really anyone out there who believes that Romney or Gingrich or Santorum is the BEST person to be the next president? Has anyone noticed that ALL they do is try to smear the other guy? Can’t they do better than, ah, tell us what they do that is good and why they are the best?

I know we go through this every 4 years but doesn’t anyone get as sick of it as me?

Can’t the Reflublicans, with all their money and power and contacts come up with anyone better than these three jokers?

I really don’t mind them ridiculing each other. I’ll be voting for Obama again. But it would be nice to have a little competition. Then again, the Reflubs have ballot box tampering on their side. Almost forgot.

Anyway, on a more personal note, I’m still living happily in Singapore but have started looking at other places to retire. Need a nice second or third world country where my dollar will go a lonnnnnnng way.


income tax time…again

July 12, 2011

Annually I post about my income tax and crime stats. I just paid my income tax. Thought I might relate it for all you DOMESTIC Americans. First of all, this year, as far as filing forms and all that, there were none. I received a short notice of my circumstances and was simply asked, if they are correct, i had to do nothing. In other words, instead of the 200 page book for filing that AMERICANS receive, i got an email and had to do NO PAPER WORK.

As far as the amount I paid, let me see….multiply by the percent….carry the one….take out the deduction…yup, they were right!

Total tax liability = 1.92%.

And I am a singe person, filing that way. Read it and weep.

It’s Tax Time Again – Update

May 16, 2009

Just got my revised tax bill. There was an error and I’m sorry if I misled you in my previous post. There I stated that my tax liability for the year was S$52.00. After the recalculation, it was actually S$14.93.


Peace be with you.

It’s Tax Time Again!

April 6, 2009

Yeah, I know, I wasn’t going to post anymore. But the tax time post is something of a tradition here so I will say a few words.

As usual, I received my 200+ page federal income tax manual from the US. Anyone who can actually understand it or even tries to gets an extra 10,000 points.

Here in Singapore it was a little different. My employer filed my income and deductions electronically so all I had to do was log into the tax portal and verify that those numbers were correct. Then I hit the submit button.

Done. Tax filing complete. Took about 3 minutes. Oh, and BTW, my total tax liability for the year was an excruciatingly burdensome $52.00.

Enjoy your filing. Hope you meet the deadline.

America: Today

February 10, 2009

Neil Diamond was justĀ  honored for a spectacular career. He is deserving. My favorite performance, though there are many, was singing America in the movie, The Jazz Singer. Timely and inspirational. If you haven’t seen the film, see it. Enough said.

They’re jumping out of windows again

January 30, 2009

The suicides have begun. But with a modern, 21st century difference.

In 1929-30 businessmen who lost everything in the stock market crash were jumping out of windows to their deaths. Maybe back then, every family didn’t stockpile guns. Today it’s different. The murder/suicide of a family of 4 in Ohio whose mother and father had both lost their jobs. The murder/suicide of a family of 7 in LA who were awash in dept. All shot.

Back in the depression, broke businessmen just killed themselves. Today they take the whole family with them.

Progress in America.

Worthy of a post

January 21, 2009


At the very least. After decades of mediocrity, it seems that America has chosen the right and the best man for the job. I feel like, overnight, I became proud to be an American again. And I don’t think I’m alone. His words, his demeanor, his very presence just screams sound leadership.

As Bush slinked away like the wounded badger he is, Obama grabbed the reins of the huge, crazed but sickly bull that is America. Can he stay in the saddle and control this beast? Only time will tell. But hope abounds around the globe that he can and will.

They all say it, but this is truly the beginning of a new era. I believe Obama and his associates are up to the task. I hope the American people are, too.