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It’s Tax Time Again – Update

May 16, 2009

Just got my revised tax bill. There was an error and I’m sorry if I misled you in my previous post. There I stated that my tax liability for the year was S$52.00. After the recalculation, it was actually S$14.93.


Peace be with you.


It’s Tax Time Again!

April 6, 2009

Yeah, I know, I wasn’t going to post anymore. But the tax time post is something of a tradition here so I will say a few words.

As usual, I received my 200+ page federal income tax manual from the US. Anyone who can actually understand it or even tries to gets an extra 10,000 points.

Here in Singapore it was a little different. My employer filed my income and deductions electronically so all I had to do was log into the tax portal and verify that those numbers were correct. Then I hit the submit button.

Done. Tax filing complete. Took about 3 minutes. Oh, and BTW, my total tax liability for the year was an excruciatingly burdensome $52.00.

Enjoy your filing. Hope you meet the deadline.

You know what the boy scouts say…

August 19, 2008

Be Prepared

Got those bags all packed for your sons and daughters? Got those life insurance policies all paid up? Got plots picked out? Done some price comparisons on prosthetic limbs? If not, you better get to it. McBush may be on the horizon, and he’s gonna want your sons and your daughters. Hell, he’s gonna want THEIR sons and daughters.

And we all know you aren’t going to do one damn thing about it.

Then again, sure, a lot of them die, but we always end up with some really cool music so what the heck.

America Believing Bush Again (sigh)

August 14, 2008

And all this time we thought next would be Iran. From Times Online:

Although direct military intervention is not being considered, Pentagon sources have hinted that a limited number of troops could be deployed on the ground to support what Mr Bush described as a “vigorous and ongoing” humanitarian mission headed by the US military.

He announced that the first US airforce transport aircraft was already on its way and that more would follow. Meanwhile, the Navy was heading to the Black Sea — currently controlled by Russian warships — to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies direct to Georgian ports.

Bush is working frantically to leave office with some kind of positive legacy after his complete and utter failures at home with the collapsing economy and abroad with his murderous nightmare in Iraq. I suppose he thinks that, because its the big bad Russians, the American people will support this effort no matter how untimely. He’s right of course, because the Americans refuse to learn any lessons and are too lazy to stand up and take control of their government.

So get your sons and daughters ready, America. You’re finally going to war with Russia.

Exxon Mobile – A company with You on their mind

August 1, 2008

Yeah, they have you on their minds allright. Or I should say your money. While you’re struggling to pay $4.00 a gallon to get to your lousy job, they’re doing just a little bit better. In fact, in the one minute that it takes you to read this post, Exxon Mobile is going to make over $91,000 in profit. That’s about $5,400,000 net profit per hour. In fact again, thier profits for the last quarter are more than any company, in any industry has ever made for a quarter in history!

I don’t buy gas because I don’t drive. And I feel for those of you do. I really don’t see how you do it. I don’t. But Exxon Mobile does. They knew they could squeeze a little more out of you before you rebelled or went bankrupt. They love you – every time you have to drive to the pumps.

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Seems you’re always the bug these days.