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At the very least. After decades of mediocrity, it seems that America has chosen the right and the best man for the job. I feel like, overnight, I became proud to be an American again. And I don’t think I’m alone. His words, his demeanor, his very presence just screams sound leadership.

As Bush slinked away like the wounded badger he is, Obama grabbed the reins of the huge, crazed but sickly bull that is America. Can he stay in the saddle and control this beast? Only time will tell. But hope abounds around the globe that he can and will.

They all say it, but this is truly the beginning of a new era. I believe Obama and his associates are up to the task. I hope the American people are, too.

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7 Comments on “Worthy of a post”

  1. jonolan Says:

    And I hope the American people are to the task of stopping Obama and his cronies from destroying our nations.

    Yeah, W sucked. That doesn’t excuse 52% of the populous from flushing our country – some of us still live here – down the toilet in response.

  2. Brian Says:

    I’m surprised at you. Firstly, it wasn’t 52% of the populous..it was 52% of the voting populous. And in America the majority rules. Secondly, he overwhelmingly took the electoral vote which is all that matters. Thirdly, Bush and his criminal cronies already flushed our liberties, our reputation, our economy and our world trust down the toilet.

    I didn’t think you were a jerk. I’ve changed my mind.

  3. jonolan Says:

    Brian, we’ve always disagreed about Obama. We should both be used to that by now.

    We also apparently disagree about the relative importance of the popular vote vs the electoral vote. In my mind we haven’t had a POTUS with anything close to a “mandate” since Reagan, and Obama is no exception.

    I for one do not plan to go quietly into the long night of State Socialism and just accept an extra trillion dollars of deficit that doesn’t actually need to shouldered. I plan to use every legal means at my disposal to blunt Obama’s more Socialist ideas and mover the results closer to a rational center.

    As for W and has cronies, as I said, they sucked and did the US few if any favors on the world stage. They’re not, however, the primary culprits in the US financial situation. That onus rests on a list of Democrats – and some Republicans – that stretches back to the Clinton administration.

  4. (O)CT(O)PUS Says:

    The civil rights movement and the war in Vietnam informed my political and moral consciousness. I was a child of the times. About 14 years old at the time, and against my parents wishes, I hitched to Washington DC to witness Dr. King’s famous speech. I wanted to be part of the movement … and part of the moment. And later caught hell from my parents.

    Today, two of my own children are in Washington DC to attend the inauguration of President Barack Obama and bear witness to history. It makes me proud that they take an interest in our public life. It has been a long journey. Of all the memories I cherish, there are few more heartwarming and gratifying than this.

  5. Libby Says:

    I’m proud to be an American again as well Brian. So no matter what happens — there’s that.

  6. Brian Says:

    Well said, Octo. I spent time in Georgia in the late 60s and the racism was blatant even then. And I was on my way to Vietnam at the time. I too was shaped by those events. I don’t know if Obama is the answer. I think he probably is our very best hope for recovery right now. But I do know that electing McCain would have been a disaster or huge proportions.

  7. Scott Says:

    I don’t know how you BO supporters can possibly feel the same way now after what we are seeing take place on a daily basis.

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