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Abusing the neediest children

May 28, 2008

As a sociology grad student I had the opportunity to work with victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It’s all absolutely heart wrenching but the abuse of children is so emotionally charged that I ended up quitting the program and changing my vocational direction completely. When I realized that I was much more interested in beating the abuser than I was in counseling him (or her), I knew that field was not for me.

This article came out today about a study concerning the abuse of the neediest children in the poorest locations by foreign aid workers.

A new report by Save the Children U.K. accuses some aid workers and peacekeepers of sexually exploiting children living in countries affected by conflict and natural disaster. As Tendai Maphosa reports from London, the report says the general silence surrounding the abuse is also shocking.

I can’t even imagine being in a place where there is so much despair, hunger and death, and exploiting that need for personal gratification. How could a person possibly become aroused in those surroundings? Another article goes on to say,

The report details a “litany” of sexual crimes against children as young as six, based on field research in Sudan, the Ivory Coast, and Haiti. The sexual crimes include: being forced to have sex or participate in child pornography; being subjected to improper touching and kissing; or being withheld food unless one performed a sexual favor.

So in other words, aid workers, who have the food to give a desperately hungry child as young as six, will only give that child the food if the child performs a sexual act. I’m not sure I can think of anything more repulsive than that. They ought to be whipped and then shot.

I also ran across this video of workers in a Vietnamese orphanage. It certainly can be muchworse than this but its little wonder why some children grow up to be socio and psychopaths.

I’m speechless as to how to end this post. It’s just so fucking sad.


Christmas Around the World

December 25, 2007

So, I thought I would search YouTube for something nice to post for Christmas. Something light and fun. A nice Christmasy music video perhaps. Maybe something old like Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole. Or children building snowmen in the front yard, giggling and throwing snowballs, or a family, warm near the fireplace, decorating the tree.

I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

I realized that I was just going to do what I do the other 364 days a year. Avoid the discomfort and unease I might feel if I had to think of Christmas in most of the world.

And I realized that if there is one day, all year, that we need to be thinking about real life in the rest of the world it is today, Christmas.

The leaders of the world have proven over and over again that they are not capable, not good enough to stop this. It just gets worse. Is there anyone, anywhere, who can put an end to this fucking madness?

Merry Christmas 

Slavery in the South – Alive and Well

December 21, 2007

This story over at Common Dreams is really disgusting. Slave labor in the US is alive and well. No, this is not the horrific story of the two maids in New York who were abused and enslaved for years by their employers. This is the story of fruit pickers in Florida.

Make sure you read enough to see how Burger King and other food companies benefit from these abusive and illegal practices.  I’m actually speechless that this kind of thing still goes on in America. And the whole world gets to read about it. No wonder they can’t stand us. They think we are the biggest hypocrites on earth and they’re right.

9 Go Free After Raping 10 Year Old Girl

December 11, 2007

bradleya.jpgUnbelievable. A female judge in Australia has given either probation or suspended sentences to nine men who raped a 10 year old Aboriginal girl. Justifying her ruling, racist pig-woman Judge Sarah Bradley (pictured) told the nine scumbags that the girl “probably agreed to have sex with you.”

And of course, a 10 year old girl is mature enough to make that decision, right judge?

Sarah Bradley obviously needs some “up close and personal” experience with gang rape so she has a clearer understanding of the process. Finding males willing to stick it to that uptight ugly bigot could prove challenging, however.

Boni Robertson, an Aboriginal activist in Queensland, said there could be no excuse for the judge’s decision.

“There is nothing culturally, there is nothing morally, there is nothing socially and there is definitely nothing legally that would ever allow this sort of decision to be made,” she said.

Does Sarah remind you of the prosecutor down in good ol’ Jena, Louisiana? Guess its good to know that the US is not alone in perpetuating bigotry and racism.

Just Another Normal Christmas

December 10, 2007

World Gone Mad

2006 FBI Crime Stats are Out!

September 25, 2007

Its always one of my favorite times of the year!

Bush recently spoke on the growing economy, the 8.2 million jobs he has created since 2003, the vibrant, entrepreneurish spirit of American business, and a bunch of other stuff to show us what a great job he’s doing! Why, he’s wonderful!

I’m sure there’s quite good news on the home front as well, especially when it comes to the safety and security of the American people. Lets take a quick look.

There were 1.4 million violent crimes in the US last year. Oh my. That’s an increase over the previous year. AGAIN. Not a good start is it.

Now lets see. 17 thousand of you were murdered. No more taxes for you! Ninety-two thousand of you (mostly women) were violently raped and nearly half a million of you were robbed. You were going to give that money to charity anyway, right?

860 thousand of you were beaten (probably deserved it) and over 2 million of you were burglarized. Your fault for forgetting to lock all the doors, windows, grills, gates, set the alarms, motion detectors, let the guard dog out, etc. You know, all those things that aren’t really needed in your safe society – just precautions. A million of you had your cars stolen and 6.6 million of you had something else stolen. Jeez, is there anyone left?

Lets take a closer look at those pesky murders. Why are Americans killing each other? How? Well, over 10 thousand of the murders were committed with guns. About 800 of those were during robberies and 600 during drug deals. Of the 3,600 murders that started as an argument, 2,200 were settled with guns. And not to leave the children out, of the 865 juvenile gang killings, over 800 were with guns. The good news is, only 4 of the 32 murders committed during a rape were with guns. Guess those boys had their hands full.

Now, for comparison sake, lets take a look at the number of violent crimes committed in the US by Al Qaeda in 2006. I will use the following table to organize the data.

Murders by Americans = 17,000 ——Murders by Al Qaeda = 0
Rapes by Americans = 92,000———Rapes by Al Qaeda = 0
Robberies by Americans = 447,000—-Robberies by Al Qaeda = 0

You get the picture.

Don’t think that your government is not aware of it.

“Today’s FBI report shows that violent crime continues to trouble our nation,” added Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

Well now, my insides are just turning to jelly with joy knowing that our government is “troubled” by the fact that we and our children are being slaughtered in the streets of our cities and towns. Seriously, the whole frightening report is here and don’t forget to look at the tables showing the ratio of cops to citizens.

Muslim Widows forced into Prostitution

August 24, 2007



This story did not appear (of course) in any of the MSM that I read each morning. From Al Jazeera.

About 15% of Iraqi widows are forced to turn to prostitution or temporary marriages to survive and to feed their children. Employment for women is nearly non-existent and since the American invasion there are no government services to deal with the issue.

Rana Jalil, a 38 year old mother of four who lost her husband in an explosion last year is such a woman. She begged shop owners, office workers and companies to hire her but was treated with what she calls chauvinistic discrimination. Within weeks of her husband’s death, a doctor diagnosed her children with malnutrition.

Fighting tears, she recalled the desperation which led her to the oldest profession: “In the beginning these were the worst days in my life. My husband was the first man I met and slept with, but I didn’t have another option … my children were starving.”

She left the house in a daze, she recalled, and walked to the nearest market to find someone who would pay her for sex. She said: “I’m a nice-looking woman and it wasn’t difficult to find a client. When we got to the bed I tried to run away … I just couldn’t do it, but he hit and raped me. When he paid me afterwards, it was finished for me.


“When I came home with some food I had bought from that money and saw my children screaming of happiness, I discovered that honor is insignificant compared to the hunger of my children.”

Iraqi widows, particularly those who lost husbands during the Iran-Iraq war, were provided with compensation and free education for their children. In some cases, they were provided with free homes. However, since the installation of the new government, none of those benefits are available.

Winning the hearts and minds one destroyed life at a time.