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Tragedy and Courage

May 21, 2008

Stories of enormous courage always seem to emerge from tragedy. So it was with 9-11 and so it is with the devastating earthquakes in Sichuan Province, China which now number over 75 in the last 8 days. (that’s just the ones over 4.0)

Four days after the first quake, with little hope of finding survivors under the mountains of rubble, the body of a young woman was found. She was in a kneeling position, clutching a bundle under her body. In the bundle was her sleeping 4 month old child, still suckling at her mother’s lifeless breast.

They were pulled from the debris and the baby was rushed to a medical facility where it was found to be fine. The mother had had the foresight before she died to position herself in such a way that even if she expired, her nipple would still be in her baby’s mouth. Whatever reservoir of milk was available, probably saved the baby’s life.

When the doctor at the medical facility unbundled the baby he found a cell phone in the wrap. On it was a text message that simply said,

“My dear baby, if you can survive, do remember that I loved you.”

Love and courage, pure and simple.


The Rape of Nanjing

December 15, 2007


It is the 70th anniversary of the 6-week long slaughter of 300,000 Chinese, mostly civilians, by the Japanese army.

Stories emerged of children being bayoneted to death, pregnant women having their foetus cut from their stomachs, beheadings, and mutilation. It is a long list of almost unimaginable horrors and one of modern China’s darkest moments.

75-year-old Shi Xiu is a massacre survivor and she is blind.  One of the last things she saw was her mother being raped. Then, to quieten her cries she says, Japanese soldiers gouged out her eyes with a bayonet. “They were raping my mother while I stood next to her. I was only five-years-old, my mother was crying so I did too and the soldiers kept shouting at me but I didn’t understand. And then they cut my eyes.”

In 1937 the Japanese army invaded what was then the capital city of China. Over the next few weeks they mutilated, raped, tortured and murdered 300,000 Chinese. That is about 300 people per hour, 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. The level of brutality was horrific and merciless. In a word, the behavior of the Japanese, under the ultimate command of nanjing.jpgtheir emporer, was inhuman.

The Japanese government, to this day, denies the massacre at Nanjing occurred at all. They say it was war and at most, a few hundred were killed. They deny the rapes, mutilations and tortures.

They do this in an effort to save face. But in denying it,  in refusing to admit and take responsibility for their actions, they bring dishonor upon themselves and their people.

To the Japanese government: Your armies and leaders committed horrible autrocities during the war. The rape of Nanjing was singly the worst of those. Your continued denial of these events is grossly disrespectful not only to the Chinese but to the entire civilized international community.

The German government has repeatedly and humbly accepted responsibility for Hitler’s inhumane acts and has apologised to the world for them. For that they deserve and receive our respect. Until you do the same, you are deserving of neither honor nor the world’s respect . What you deserve and what you will get is our disgust. You have lost face in the eyes of the world and so far, have done nothing to gain it back.

The Climate Changes: Behavior Won’t

December 8, 2007


The debate has begun at the Bali climate conference and, as expected, it is getting nowhere. China is saying that only the wealthy countries should have to reduce emissions, not the “developing countries” like theirs. They contend that their economy must grow and people must be brought out of poverty first before they can participate in a cut back.

The arguement is sound as far as the developed nations leading the way, but to think that only they should participate is simply stupid and shortsighted.

It’s everyones problem and any country that is a significant polluter, like China,  is going to have to change their ways and do it soon. If not, there will be no growing economy to worry about.

head_in_sand.gifI have very little hope that any significant steps will be taken by this generation. We are far to greedy and self centered. We are not going to give up any of our comforts yet because we can’t see this crisis when we look out our window. We can’t feel this crisis when we open the door. And because we can’t see it or feel it, we can tell ourselves that it’s not really there.

We are certainly not going to vote for anyone who tells us that we have to start cutting back now. No, instead we will believe our leaders when they tell us not to worry, they have the situation under control. (The only thing they are interested in controlling is their campaign donations until they are out of office. Then it will be someone elses problem.)

Shortsighted, greedy, corrupt and wealthy. That is a description of our world leaders and those who they serve. And they have us, the people, right where they want us. Frightened, poor, distrustful of each other, and divided. As is always the case, any suffering, sacrifice, belt tightening, and additional economic burden will be ours to bear. We will do so gladly, and we will not demand that they do the same because, after all, it is they who are saving us.

But we wont have to suffer, sacrifice, or belt tighten quite yet. No action will be taken that could affect us this quickly. No, they will debate, they will schedule another “summit” for next year at another lush resort, they will take votes and compromise, they will discuss and argue. Then they will convince us, the people, that they are making substantial progress in the war on climate change. And we, the people, will believe them.

Democratic leader to Yahoo CEO: China policy is ‘spineless’

November 7, 2007

logo_yahoo2.jpgThat headline on this article makes me want to puke. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Congressmen called Yahoo execs “spineless” due to their participation with the Chinese government in a censorship issue. Information provided by Yahoo led to the arrest and incarceration of one or two journalists.

While that is certainly spineless and shows greed and profit are more important to Yahoo than are human rights (big surprise), for a group of lawmakers who are directly responsible for a war, untold tens of thousands of deaths, millions being displaced from their homes and their country, torture, loss of human decency, etc etc, etc, to have the guts to rave against them for two journalists just shows what a bunch of useless assholes they are. ALL OF THEM.

We are not in Iraq today because of George Bush. We are there because of a congress that is more concerned with lining their pockets with lobbyist dollars, accepting bribes, living the good life and paying off old friends then they are with any soldiers lives or any grieving families or any sick children or any tortured detainees. They don’t give a shit about any of that as long as THEY GET THEIRS.

Breaking: Russia and China Spying on US

September 19, 2007

satellite-radio.jpgRussian and China are spying on the US with “cold war” effort and intensity. Both are aggressively collecting information on the US according to Michael McConnell, head of US Intelligence.

Mr McConnell was defending new legislation allowing the US government to eavesdrop on international phone calls and e-mails without a warrant.

Well can you imagine the nerve! I am flabbergasted! Powerful countries spying on each other? Where’s the love? Where’s the trust? And why the US?

I’ll tell you why. Because the US is run by an insane, unpredictable, warmongering, lying maniac, that’s why. If I was Russia or China or anyone else, I too would want to keep a damn close eye on what Bush is up to. At this point, anyone could be next on his hit list.

Little Big Men

July 14, 2007


What a great photo this is. On the left is Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun, 54, who is the world’s tallest living man (with no growth disorder) at 7′ 9″.

On the right is Nelson De La Rosa, the world’s smallest living man who at 31 years old is just 28″ tall. Nelson has a normal sized wife and a 2 year old son who is taller than his dad already!

You may recall that Bao Xishun was recently in the news for saving the lives of two dolphins who had swallowed scraps of plastic. The world’s tallest man has the world’s longest arms and was asked to reach into the dolphin’s stomachs to remove the debri. Those pics are here.

Half Cooked – Half Alive

July 10, 2007

This is so disgusting I’m having trouble even posting it. The video shows a chef cooking a carps body but keeping the fish alive for serving. The head of the fish is held with a wet towel and just the body is fried. It is served immediately while the fish is still struggling to breath.

Like so many other disgusting things, this is considered a delicacy in China. Here’s the story.