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Lions being intentionally poisoned in Kenya

June 19, 2008

Just watched this disturbing video offered up by the BBC. A pesticide, Carbofuron, is being used in Kenya to kill predetory animals like lions and other big cats.  In some cases, carcasses are being seeded with the deadly chemical in order to poison the animals that will feed upon it. It has now gotten into the ecosystem and has killed animals that graze as well.

This is being done to protect cows and other livestock. But it begs the question, is this the only damn way to do it? Do we have to poison already endangered animals?


Pick your nightmare

January 3, 2008

war-3.jpgPakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, Congo oh…and yeah, almost forgot…Iraq. Take your pick of which violent, horrific nightmare destination to read or write about.

Two thoughts come to me as I read the news this morning. One is, I am so overwhelmed by the amount of violence and insanity in the news, and it is so widespread-so pervasive, that I really thought I couldn’t actually post on any of it. So instead, I’m posting about that feeling of drowning in a sea of informational war2.jpgdespair.

Second is, when reading through the news, Iraq was so far down the list of headlines as to be almost an afterthought. I go through Google headlines first, then usually BBC, Al Jazeera, WaPo and SF Chronicle in that order. Even a big news story like the female suicide bombers is way down the list of stories. I’m sure Bush and the Repubs love it – seeing the Iraq stories get lost in the sheer volume of violent news.

I will mention here, because probably no one else will…..While reading through the news I was mostly concerned with the plight of the gorillas in the Congo. I follow the efforts to save these magnificent creatures which you can read about here and here. It seems that much of the fighting in that area is taking place right in a nature preserve where the few remaining protected specimens live. No doubt that one way or the other this war will reduce their already critically small numbers.

war4.jpgI bring this up because I realized that, perhaps like so many of us, I am becoming immune to the human suffering taking place all around us. Reading all of it this morning, I didn’t really react until I got to the stories about these gentle, innocent beasts.

I guess this is why we let Bush get away with what he does. We just don’t feel it anymore. When we hear about dead civilians or 10 or 100 or even thousands, even if they are women and children, we just don’t feel anything anymore. Its just so absolutely common place.

It is so digusting and sad. So shocking. I would say we are turning into animals, but animals don’t behave this way. It is as if, in settling our disputes, violence and killing have become the method of first resort instead of last resort. Killing our own families and friends. Shooting our classmates and colleagues. Mutilating, whipping, stoning, hanging our women for “dishonoring us”. Molesting and abusing our own children. Letting our actions be guided by racial hatred instead of rational thought. 

What has happened to us? For gods sake, what have we become?

Chimps Outwit College Students

December 4, 2007


 Scientists pitted chimpanzes against college students to see which group could demonstrate better memory skills using a simple numbers grid that would appear and disappear. The results? Chimps were twice as capable of remembering numerical orders. Interesting stuff. Read it here

His Wife is a Real Bitch

November 27, 2007

mn_indian_weds_dog_mas101.jpgA man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death — an act he believes cursed him — a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The happy couple could barely conceal their glee as wellwishers showered them with gifts.

As is frequently the case with Indian-Canine nuptuals, the marriage will be consumated in the traditional fashion – doggie style.

A Battle for Survival

October 2, 2007




This is Lomela, a Bonobo from the Congo. She appeared near death when she was rescued by the wonderful folks at WildlifeDirect. They do a great job and they blog their progress with all their different projects daily. If you want to follow Lomela’s climb back to health, you can do so here. These folks have taken on a very tough job and they need at least our blog support.

lomela-mwanda.jpgOh, and this is Lomela with Mwanda, another infant. Mwanda knows Lomela is not well and treats her very gently. They’re buds.