Mega Rich are now “Job Creators”

I just love how the Repubs do that. We can’t raise taxes on the “job creators” or they won’t be able to “create jobs”. Since when?

At the same time, they berate Obama for the lack of new jobs. So what are these “job creators” doing? Where are the jobs?

What they’re doing of course is sinking all the money they save on taxes into new personal investments so they can save even more on low taxes.

Create jobs my ass. Create this, assholes.

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One Comment on “Mega Rich are now “Job Creators””

  1. Capt. Fogg Says:

    No, it’s things like the minimum wage and all that regulation that keep them from creating jobs to produce things for which there is no demand because nobody’s working. It’s all very simple, but one has to have one’s head up you know where to see it.

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