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The times they are a changin’

December 7, 2008

Obama is in, the murdering, traitorous criminal is out. McCain is trying to regain a little respect and Palin….god, what a joke….is really thinking she still has a chance after showing the world what a moron she is. Oh well.

I’m feeling a little bit of hope for the first time in a long time.

I’m turning 60 today. I really don’t want to spend anymore days or weeks or years talking here to a very limited few about politics and the world’s woes. I don’t enjoy it anymore.

Instead, I’m going to post what I like to post the most. Good old music. So if you’re looking for some commentary on the zealot, Mugabe or the latest nightmare in Iraq, you best go somewhere else. Here, I’m gonna stick to music. I know, it’s only rock n’ roll. But I like it.

I  also thought it might be fun to post a little memorabilia of those same days. Anyone remember what a 66 GTO sounded like?


I couldn’t afford anything like that so for a while anyway, I scooted around on one of these.


Yup, the Honda 50 Sport. Very popular. Remember when the Honda 250 was the baddest bike around?

I didn’t drive for nearly 3 years while in the army, but when I got home my very conservative father had bought one of these for me to tool around in. My mom told me later, it  was just for me.


It had the big  400 cc engine and looked just like this. On the stretch of Highway  17 straightaway coming down from Santa Cruz to Scotts Valley, I had it up to 140. I’m not a car nut, but that was special. Thanks, Dad.

There were lots of great cars back then to go with the great music. What was yours?