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Action – Not Words

October 5, 2007


My father used to say, “Talk’s cheap.” He was right.

We could take a lesson from them.


Burma Update

October 2, 2007




As the dramatic events in Burma of the last few days are being reported throughout the entire world, in this latest update the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), gives additional information not being widely covered in the mainstream media, as follows:

– Protests have continued in Rangoon, Mandalay and other towns
– Killings outside of Rangoon city centre
– Hundreds of persons and monks taken away; reports of assault and torture
– Looting and profaning of sacred places; townspeople are defending monasteries from troops
– Private news journals have stopped publishing rather than print government propaganda
– Price rises and risk of widespread hunger
– “Pro-government” rallies being staged
– The family of the armed forces’ head has fled the country

For the details on the breaking items and the best coverage of what is going on in Burma follow the story at the Asian Human Rights Commission site. It’s right up to date and the reporters are somehow getting the story

Meanwhile, the UN, with its usual limp wristed, limp dick response has sent an envoy to Burma to ask the murdering military dictator to please show a little restraint. The Burmese dictators have told him to wait. Is it just me or is there really a bunch of useless jerks running this world?