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They’re jumping out of windows again

January 30, 2009

The suicides have begun. But with a modern, 21st century difference.

In 1929-30 businessmen who lost everything in the stock market crash were jumping out of windows to their deaths. Maybe back then, every family didn’t stockpile guns. Today it’s different. The murder/suicide of a family of 4 in Ohio whose mother and father had both lost their jobs. The murder/suicide of a family of 7 in LA who were awash in dept. All shot.

Back in the depression, broke businessmen just killed themselves. Today they take the whole family with them.

Progress in America.


Been a while..gonna be again

October 27, 2008

I’ve never been this remiss before about posting to this blog.  But alas, my excuse is good as I have been blogging elsewhere. That link will take you to the blog I set up at the school for foreign students where I teach.

Anyway, since I already heard the fat lady singing, there hasn’t been that much to talk about. Sure, the campaigns have continued. McBush is down double digits and like the ignoramous he is, he says he’s happy where he is. Palin has “gone rogue” in the words of some inside staffers. In other words, as might be predicted, the dingbat is out of control, gone completely crazy with the media frenzy that surrounds her, and will certainly do something so incredibly stupid that her political career will implode if it hasn’t already.

I’ve been especially amused by the various opinions expoused lately on what a “real American” is. It seems to be anyone who falls between Walter Brennen’s “Old Rivers” and Andy of Maybury. Somehow, those of us who are educated, professional, thinking adults have been excluded from the definition.

Bloggingdino was right in his (her?) critique of one of my earlier comments over at The Swash Zone. The American voter is not mind numbingly stupid as I overgeneralized. It is only approximately half of them that are. Well, in the case of this election, less than half and that number is deteriorating rapidly. In any case, the moronic ones are quite simply the Republicans, who, with all of their failures so blatantly exposed, continue to support not only their ridiculous “team” of McCain/Palin, but continue to preach – to an emptying room – that their way works the best! They are apparently absolutely blind to their own recent history!

Like so many others, I feel like I have been politically brutalized by the Republicans for so long that I find it nearly, if not completely impossible to be in any way optomistic of the future. Yet, with Obama in charge and a 60+% in congress, who knows. Maybe, like Michelle, I’ll get a renewed sense of pride and hope.

Is America as dumb as it appears?

October 1, 2008

I’m no expert on the historical influence of religion on the politics in America. From what I’ve read the founding fathers were dead set against the church, any church, having the power to  bully political figures and shape political policy. Freedom of religion was encouraged, including the freedom to not be bound by any religion at all. The church had its function, and it was an important one, and the government had its function and they did not overlap.

Back then, because science and scientific methodology were truly in their infancy, most folks believed in a spiritual superbeing of some sort. There was no good evidence otherwise. But over time, as we discovered more about our planet and our universe, as we unearthed and were able to date fossils, tools, even entire civilizations, it became apparent that our little ball in the sky was much, much older and more complex than the good book would have us believe.

With the emergence of technology, our ability to apply the scientific method has exploded and the results have been truly astounding. Discoveries in meteorology, biology, anthropology, chemistry and geology have left no doubt about the true age of the earth and its early development. Fossil finds of prehistoric and prehuman creatures, some millions of years old have become commonplace. The advancement in these areas, just in the last half century, are incredible.

Given this indisputable data, which continues to accumulate, it is unbelievable that a supposedly educated and intune population in a modern country would insist on clinging to ancient ideas that simply  cannot be supported by any evidence at all except what was written by old superstitious men nearly 2000 years ago. It boggles the mind. It’s not only unreasonable, it’s dangerous.

Now, in the 21st century, it seems that the power and influence of the hard core religious believers is greater than ever. So great in fact that our leaders, whether they actually believe these myths or not, must present a public front showing their allegiance to these fairy tales. I don’t think they do it because they truly buy into it – i can’t accept that any knowledgeable person who has taken the time to study the science would – I think they  do it simply because they realize that to do otherwise dooms their political careers. In other words, they must act as if they are as ignorant of the truth as the people who vote for them.

McCain and Obama both fit into that category. Saying they believe the malarky so the dumbest segment of the public will vote for them is required. Palin is different. She really is dumb and does believe it. As comical as it is every time she speaks, I don’t laugh at her. I find myself sitting there with my  mouth hanging open in disbelief.

I don’t know how, in this age of new found wisdom and scientific discovery, the ultra conservative religious fanatics have emerged as such a powerful force in America. It must have something to do with the people yearning for and searching for some peace and consolation in the highly  stressful times that we live in. Religion always thrives among the needy and the desperate.

But I do know that it is a formula for future social disaster. If we continue to live in the past, if we are satisfied to pray and hope for a better future instead of work for one, if we are so frightened and ignorant that we frantically read a fairy tale over and over in the hope that it will somehow bring about the changes in our lives that we desire instead of facing the hard facts that we have to get off of our butts and work for that change, then the US will continue to crumble, the ultra rich will continue to steal from and rape the poor, and the empire, like others throughout history, will disappear into oblivion. I for one am betting that will happen.

The Dullwitted Duo

September 24, 2008

I find it utterly incredible that any rank and file citizens of the US would even consider voting for McCain/Palin (the very best the Republicans have to offer). There is no disputing the fact that the current Republican president is a criminal. There is blatant evidence now that he and his Republican controlled Congress (for 6 years) have sent the US spiralling into economic chaos. His $700 billion dollar solution won’t solve the underlying problems at all but will tie the hands of his successor’s chance of any reasonably quick reform.

I don’t think that McCain flip flops with his stand on issues. I think that he can’t remember day by day what his stance is! His senility is obvious. I’m sure his handlers and advisers cringe every time he steps before a microphone.

He’s a deregulator who is pushing for the biggest increase in regulation in history. He is an ultra capitalist encouraging the complete socialization of the credit industy. And he’s the number one voice of the “small government” party who have created the most enormous government entity in US history as well.

Palin, as I’ve said before is just a dingbat. It’s no wonder the advisors won’t allow her to talk to the press. She couldn’t possibly handle even the simplest of questions.

That said, none of it matters. He is a former POW and she has a cute face and nice legs and they both say they believe in god. That’s gonna get them the votes to take over the most powerful government on the planet in its most critical time in history.

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. But I did receive my absentee ballot and I am going to vote for Obama. I’m going to do that in front of my foreign students as an example of political freedom in the worlds largest democracy. Isn’t that a joke.

Get Ready for President Palin

September 18, 2008

This is why I love Huff Post. A great post on what to expect when Sarah takes over.

Dingbats in the White House

September 1, 2008

That’s exactly what we’ll have if McCain gets elected and if the American people are dumb enough to put him there, that’s just what they deserve. He’s made it glaringly obvious that he’s senile and his new dingbat choice for VP proves it. She’s like the old I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball with a gun.

At first I thought maybe McCain was smarter than I thought. Maybe he knows that the American voter will be swayed because she’s a woman, she’s young, she’s pretty in a dingbatty sort of way and she says “Yup, Yup”. The typical American voter won’t be influenced by the fact that she’s a nobody, with no experience and is utterly unprepared to assume the job of President if McCain should fall over dead. Of course the NRA will love her to death. She’s a perfect replacement for Cheney. He shoots lawyers in the face and she can put a big bloody hole in a moose while her horrified daughter looks on.

All in all I think the country in general and the Republican party specifically has shown an enormous lack of political intelligence to let either one of these jerks get to this point in the first place. But as they both scamper down to New Orleans for their photo ops with Bushy, as they each try to convince us that they actually give a damn about poor people, as they embrace a few terrified black women, we will praise them with Ohhs and Ahhs as they rush back to their hotel rooms to wash their soiled hands.


August 26, 2008

I don’t mean to offend Christians, especially Christian warmongers, but Jesus H. Christ! Is this the best we can do?

KABUL (Reuters) – The United Nations said on Tuesday it had found convincing evidence that 90 Afghan civilians, most of them children, were killed in air strikes by U.S.-led coalition forces in western Afghanistan last week.

“Investigations by UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) found convincing evidence, based on the testimony of eyewitnesses, and others, that some 90 civilians were killed, including 60 children, 15 women and 15 men,” U.N. Special Envoy to Afghanistan Kai Eide said in a statement.

With the very best high tech electronic equipment, with the very best military hardware, with the very best trained military personnel, with the very latest, state of the art intelligence gathering apparatus, the very best we can do is to completely fuck up and kill a bunch of innocent children. Am I the only one who thinks that this is insanity? This has to be stopped. It has to be stopped now. Not next year or in 2010. We are killing perfectly innocent people just like you and me in an ungodly and horrific quest for economic power and energy resources.

Basically what we are saying to these women and children is, “We’re sorry, but we may have to kill you in order to achieve our agenda. But you’re just poor people in a third world nation so we don’t really care that much. We hope you understand”.

We have gone too far. And anyone who doesn’t see it is either an imbecile, a moron or a die hard Bush baby and traitor. I am disgusted with the American people for not stopping this genocide.