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Is America as dumb as it appears?

October 1, 2008

I’m no expert on the historical influence of religion on the politics in America. From what I’ve read the founding fathers were dead set against the church, any church, having the power to  bully political figures and shape political policy. Freedom of religion was encouraged, including the freedom to not be bound by any religion at all. The church had its function, and it was an important one, and the government had its function and they did not overlap.

Back then, because science and scientific methodology were truly in their infancy, most folks believed in a spiritual superbeing of some sort. There was no good evidence otherwise. But over time, as we discovered more about our planet and our universe, as we unearthed and were able to date fossils, tools, even entire civilizations, it became apparent that our little ball in the sky was much, much older and more complex than the good book would have us believe.

With the emergence of technology, our ability to apply the scientific method has exploded and the results have been truly astounding. Discoveries in meteorology, biology, anthropology, chemistry and geology have left no doubt about the true age of the earth and its early development. Fossil finds of prehistoric and prehuman creatures, some millions of years old have become commonplace. The advancement in these areas, just in the last half century, are incredible.

Given this indisputable data, which continues to accumulate, it is unbelievable that a supposedly educated and intune population in a modern country would insist on clinging to ancient ideas that simply  cannot be supported by any evidence at all except what was written by old superstitious men nearly 2000 years ago. It boggles the mind. It’s not only unreasonable, it’s dangerous.

Now, in the 21st century, it seems that the power and influence of the hard core religious believers is greater than ever. So great in fact that our leaders, whether they actually believe these myths or not, must present a public front showing their allegiance to these fairy tales. I don’t think they do it because they truly buy into it – i can’t accept that any knowledgeable person who has taken the time to study the science would – I think they  do it simply because they realize that to do otherwise dooms their political careers. In other words, they must act as if they are as ignorant of the truth as the people who vote for them.

McCain and Obama both fit into that category. Saying they believe the malarky so the dumbest segment of the public will vote for them is required. Palin is different. She really is dumb and does believe it. As comical as it is every time she speaks, I don’t laugh at her. I find myself sitting there with my  mouth hanging open in disbelief.

I don’t know how, in this age of new found wisdom and scientific discovery, the ultra conservative religious fanatics have emerged as such a powerful force in America. It must have something to do with the people yearning for and searching for some peace and consolation in the highly  stressful times that we live in. Religion always thrives among the needy and the desperate.

But I do know that it is a formula for future social disaster. If we continue to live in the past, if we are satisfied to pray and hope for a better future instead of work for one, if we are so frightened and ignorant that we frantically read a fairy tale over and over in the hope that it will somehow bring about the changes in our lives that we desire instead of facing the hard facts that we have to get off of our butts and work for that change, then the US will continue to crumble, the ultra rich will continue to steal from and rape the poor, and the empire, like others throughout history, will disappear into oblivion. I for one am betting that will happen.


Absurdity Within the Catholic Church

July 23, 2008

Three devoted women, who have taken a lifelong vow to become Catholic Priests, were immediately excommunicated by the church. But if you are a MALE priest and you rape a child, no prob. Your status in the church is solemnly and sacredly secure.

There is just no way that I can say it more succinctly than this:

…Sunday in Boston all three were “ordained” in a ceremony run by a pro-women priest organization. The Archdiocese of Boston promptly declared that the women had automatically excommunicated themselves by such action. Their excommunicable sin: yearning to dedicate themselves to the church and faith they love.

Meanwhile, here’s who hasn’t been excommunicated: hundreds of priests and bishops who’ve admitted to or been accused of multiple sexual assaults on children and teenagers. Some resign. Some are defrocked. But many more remain Catholics in good standing or even retain their titles, their pay, their clerical trappings and the support of the church.

“I’m not sure I’ve heard of anybody (in the sex scandal) being excommunicated for raping a child,” said someone who follows these cases nonstop. “But a woman who wants to say Mass?”

Off with her head! Clearly, the priest’s behavior is considered minor compared to these three women who have the gall to want to serve their local people by becoming priests. Here’s an example of who the church believes is more fit to preach to your children than these three women.

Francis E. Bass, a former bishop in the Davenport, Iowa, diocese, was accused of abusing many boys and of sharing them with multiple priests in group sex orgies. He settled a lawsuit with the archdiocese after the statute of limitation ran out for criminal prosecution. The archdiocese, by the way, asked the Vatican to defrock Bass. The Vatican said no, leaving him free to say Mass every day.

The list of perverts that have been protected by the Church seems endless. Just read the article.  Not to mention their complicity during the Holocaust and acceptance of slavery. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

And now, the pope is in Australia of all places, apologizing for the sexual rape and abuse of children by his priests and bishops there! He’s doing a goddamn world apology tour! I know he’s trying to use his papal aura to convince victims not to sue, but I sincerely hope they are not swayed by his insincere mumblings of regret. Go for the money folks, while there’s still some left.

How about a new victim’s slogan. “They got the sucks, NOW we get the bucks.”

Has a nice ring to it. Not bad for a three martini idea.

Er, Um, What He meant to say was…

June 27, 2008

I’m just bursting at the seams with anticipation of more and better evidence that Mars may have actually supported life at sometime in its past.

Nasa scientists are “flabbergasted” at the current results from the probe which has found not only evidence of water (ice) but the soil contains the necessary ingredients to support plant growth.

“It is the type of soil you would probably have in your back yard, you know, alkaline. You might be able to grow asparagus in it really well. … It is very exciting for us.”

As I write this, the scholars and propogandists at the Vatican are busy as little bees trying to rewrite reinterpret the scriptures (in which God never mentions any other planets at all, let alone life on them) to cover their holy arses.

“Let’s see…we can say that a Bible day can really mean years and the Bible Earth can really mean the whole universe! Yeah, that’s it! that’s the ticket! That’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it.”

It is a time of almost orgasmic joy and glee because I may actually see the truth be told, once and for all, in my lifetime.

God created Martians

May 14, 2008

Oh, brother. Now I’ve heard everything.

Father Gabriel Funes, the Vatican’s chief astronomer said that life on Mars cannot be ruled out and and that intelligent beings may exist in outer space. And, of course, God created them.

Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin, he speculates.

Huh? Why do they get to be free from original sin? No apple trees on Mars? And if they’re created in his image, does that mean they’re like us? Do you think one of ’em might be willing to loan me ten bucks?

Asked about the Catholic Church’s condemnation four centuries ago of the Italian inventor of the telescope, Galileo, Father Funes diplomatically says mistakes were made, but it is time to turn the page and look towards the future.

Yeah, that whole “center of the universe” mistake was a lulu. Any other mistakes we should know about?

To strengthen its scientific credentials, the Vatican is organising a conference next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.

WTF? So, we were the center of the universe but now we’re not. God inspired the writing of the Bible but neglected to mention anything about putting some folks on other planets as well. And now the Catholic church is buddying up with their nemesis, Charles Darwin.

Do they know something we don’t or is this the biggest case of Cover Thine Ass that the world has ever seen?

Mother Mary on a Harley

May 9, 2008

A Monterey, California man says he can see the image of the Virgin Mary in his leg after a motorcycle accident. Marc Lipton said he was riding his motorcycle when he lost control and slid about 50 feet along the road. Lipton said he wasn’t wearing leather chaps at the time because he was close to home.

The Roman Catholic Church has very strict guidelines regarding what is deemed an official sighting of the Virgin Mary.

As well they should. Afterall, someone has to determine the difference between official sitings and all those pesky unofficial ones.

There has been no word on if the Diocese of Monterey will investigate Lipton’s leg as a legitimate apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Well, I for one, have no doubt this one is the old gal herself.

Priest kicks a little FoxNews butt.

April 20, 2008

I’ve posted many times about the sins of the Catholic church. But when a member of that organization shows this kind of integrity, I’m going to give that equal time. Watch how Chicago’s Father Michael Pfleger tears this Fox reporter a new one.

I Demand a Retraction!

April 17, 2008

I have to take strong and public exception to a recent post by my illustrious and I thought, faithful colleague, Captain Fogg, in which he suggests that Jesus cannot reveal himself in “grease stains and burnt toast”. Indeed! If God can move in mysterious ways then certainly, my good man, Jesus can reveal himself anyway and anywhere he damn well pleases. Only a fool would make such an ungodly comment in the face of all of the overwhelming evidence.

Just take a look at this Captain Hoity Toity!

“I have a spoon with the image of Jesus Christ on it,” said a Mr. Davis of Kentucky. Davis says look closely and you’ll see the robe, the beard and the eyes. “And he appears to be looking up” exclaims Davis.

And put this one in your pipe and smoke it, Admiral Big Mouth!

Laquan Joyner and her husband Theo Grimes say they have been praying and asking God to send them a sign.When they looked in the shower, right next to the shampoo, there it was, an image of Jesus.The family says they will never clean the spot and they now treat the shower like a shrine.

And before you go hide yourself in the head, Seaman Shame-On-You, try this on for size!

Jerry and Wendy Divock of East Windsor say the image of Jesus’ face mysteriously appeared on a bedroom door roughly 10 years ago. Raised in a Jewish home, Jerry says the door has inspired him to convert to Christianity. The face appears to be a natural pattern in the grain of the wood.

Having second thoughts yet Yeoman You-Don’t-Know-What-You’re-Talking-About? And this!

Psychic Veronica Weary, said she first saw the image on Easter Sunday two years ago in her new age café in Mandurah and the image had remained visible ever since. “People have come to see the crystal while going through hard times and have told us afterwards that they felt energised and had lost their fear and worry about their particular difficult situation,” Mrs Weary said.

Cat got your tongue yet, Commander Cocksure? And how about a little of this!

This image miraculously appeared in the alter cloth of a Buffalo chapel. Extra people from outside the parish who heard about the image have been dropping by since it was noticed. On Tuesday morning, about 20 extra people were on hand, Slish said. “We went, ‘Oh my gosh, yes. I knew what it was right away. It’s like a vision that he’s there. I always tell everybody to behave themselves because he’s there.”

And last but not least, Petty Officer Poop-In-Your-Pants, try to explain this one away!

Greg Wolfe of Andover got a divine surprise when he was chopping up firewood last week. A gasoline log splitter cut through a piece of wood, leaving behind an image of Jesus’ face.
“You would never dream something like this is going to happen,” he said.

If that last one is not the divine face of the Son of Man, then I damn well don’t know what is.