Bush: All Hat and No Saddle

john-wayne.jpgSara over at Group News Blog has a great post up showing the difference between a real cowboy like her late Dad, and a fake one like George Bush.

“To Dad and his friends, the cowboy code was sacred and absolute. Guys who spend weeks out in the wilderness with large quantities of other people’s capital have to be trustworthy, honest, and self-sufficient. You screw up, you fess up. You take on a responsibility, you see it through to the end. You are awe-struck by women, tender with children, and hospitable to strangers as long as they’re hospitable to you. You don’t start fights — but you better be able to finish them.”

Her Dad referred to phonies like Bush as “All hat and no saddle.”

And when we’re finally clear on what a cowboy is and is not, it’ll be all too clear to everyone that George Bush is not. He’s just a two-bit drugstore shitkicker in a too-big hat, rough in the saddle and mean as a rattler on a hot day to boot. He’s a little boy playing dress-up: fighter pilot, baseball player, astronaut, Commander-in-Chief, cowboy. Most people know he’s a pathetic wannabee when he’s playing the first four roles; but not enough of us understand what a fraud he is when he’s wearing that cowboy persona, too.”

Her post is both poignant and scathing and worth the read.

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2 Comments on “Bush: All Hat and No Saddle”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    I’ve read that his “ranch” was only built in 2000. That makes me wonder where the money came from seeing as a Governor doesn’t have a whopping salary. Was he gambling that he would win the election, or did he know in advance? Or maybe that cowboy had some help from the camelboys he was always hanging out with.

    Dude owns no cattle either, so what’s left of the cowboy when you take away the cattle? Just a boy.

    • Seriously, Bush never claimed himself to be a Cowboy. That is something someone else stuck on him. As for where did he get his money for the ranch, are you serious. The man was in the oil business for years, and owned the Texas Rangers. He bought the property with part of his almost $15 million profit from selling the Rangers, then had an actually fairly modest house build on it.

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