Expanding the Surge

youth1a.jpgSo Bush’s answer to the entire nations call for troop withdrawal is to threaten to increase the number of troops in Iraq. Where do you think he’s gonna find them? Extend the tours to 24 months on and 6 months off? Or maybe he’s going to lower the requirements again and start putting uniforms on the thousands of felons who jam our overcrowded prisons. Or, what the hell, most of our children just love to play guns. Let’s give ’em real ones!
One thing we know for sure. He is NOT going to get them from among the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful politicians, industrial leaders and rebublican campaign contributors.

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One Comment on “Expanding the Surge”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Yep, the Surge is working so well, we’ll do it some more – or in other words, it’s doing so poorly we have to move the goal posts down the field another hundred yards of so.

    Hey, some of our congressmen are young enough to enlist and they have lowered the IQ requirements, so why is it they’re here cheerleading on the sidelines?

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