Iraq is nothing like Vietnam

Yup, that’s what dubya said, and you know from my previous posts that I pretty much believe what he says. After all, lets look at the facts.

Vietnam was a foreign war 8000 miles away in a hot, dirty place. Hell, the people didn’t even speak English. Nope, not like Iraq. We got into a full scale war in Vietnam because of a “major” threat (Gulf of Tonkin incident) that turned out to be a creation of the administration. Mmm, no parallels there either. The enemy there had guerrila fighters (vietcong) who looked just like the good guys so they could sneak around and set their satchel charges and blow people up. Sorry, but I fail to see any similarities there either.

In Vietnam, civilians were getting killed daily (collateral damage) and by both sides. Sure glad that’s not happening now. Even in the early stages of the Vietnam war, people at home had their doubts and organized protests developed. The debate between the gung ho pro war, America-love-it-or-leave-it group and the anti war group ended up dividing the nation. Well, with everyone 100% behind dubya’s war effort we sure don’t have to worry about that happening. whew!

And ofcourse, during Vietnam the movers and shakers included such unsavory characters as Robert MacNamara, Henry Kissinger and Tricky Dick Nixon. It’s a real relief nowadays to know our security is in the hands of people like Donald Rumsfeld, Cheney, Condi and George W. himself. Damn, I’m feeling better already. (ever notice that the really pro war hawks in the government have very little if any personal war or military experience?) Heck, the only thing remotely the same between the two administrations is none of those folks had or have any of their kids or families in the military, in the war zone.

In conclusion, lets stop with this “Iraq is another Vietnam” crap. That was the 60’s and 70’s. This is a new millenium. Don’t you think we learned our lesson? You are not going to see the US having to pull out their troops due to overwhelming protest by its citizens. You are not going to see TV video of Americans escaping in helicopters from the embassy rooftop. No, I am confident that what you will see is a free, democratic Iraq, where violence is a thing of the past, there is no animosity towards the west, and Americans will flock to its cities on vacation because of the warm welcome they know they will recieve.

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5 Comments on “Iraq is nothing like Vietnam”

  1. TheAntagonist Says:

    I agree, and lets also stop calling anyone we oppose “hitler” while we are at it.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Umm…I hope everyone realizes that I was being facetious. I think Iraq has Vietnam written all over it.

  3. Chitney Says:

    Love this post and its oozing sarcasm. You’re so right. After all, Bush is not a monkey puppet who was shaved and taught to speak, and he is certainly not in cahoots with his rich Old Boys in an ever-expanding global raid (war on Iraq, much?) for oil funds. Nah. And he really wanted to make it to New Orleans sooner, but heck, who can blame him? Cutting down vacation time is just too trying. Everyone knows that.


  4. Mickell Says:

    Unfortunately, Iraq is becoming and already is a long-drawn war. It’s a quagmire which the US Army is in. It’s a situation of darned if you do, darned if you don’t. If only they could just pack up and leave. Originally, this war was supposed to be called Operation Iraqi Liberation. But in short, that would be known as OIL. No the Bush administration had to be more subtle. Operation Enduring Freedom was more like it.

  5. Mickell Says:

    Any wonder why Bush doesn’t declare war on North Korea even though it has indelible proof of producing nuclear weapons? `Cos it’s a barren Godforsaken land with no oil, that’s why.

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