income tax time…again

Annually I post about my income tax and crime stats. I just paid my income tax. Thought I might relate it for all you DOMESTIC Americans. First of all, this year, as far as filing forms and all that, there were none. I received a short notice of my circumstances and was simply asked, if they are correct, i had to do nothing. In other words, instead of the 200 page book for filing that AMERICANS receive, i got an email and had to do NO PAPER WORK.

As far as the amount I paid, let me see….multiply by the percent….carry the one….take out the deduction…yup, they were right!

Total tax liability = 1.92%.

And I am a singe person, filing that way. Read it and weep.

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One Comment on “income tax time…again”

  1. Capt. Fogg Says:

    Even sadder is the fact that there are massively profitable corporations and very wealthy individuals who pay even less. Some even get subsidies.

    My congressman even suggests that we increase subsidies to the oil giants so that they might be kind and lower gas prices.

    I was in the Commonwealth of Dominica not long ago. There are still a few paradises left.

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