It’s Tax Time Again!

Yeah, I know, I wasn’t going to post anymore. But the tax time post is something of a tradition here so I will say a few words.

As usual, I received my 200+ page federal income tax manual from the US. Anyone who can actually understand it or even tries to gets an extra 10,000 points.

Here in Singapore it was a little different. My employer filed my income and deductions electronically so all I had to do was log into the tax portal and verify that those numbers were correct. Then I hit the submit button.

Done. Tax filing complete. Took about 3 minutes. Oh, and BTW, my total tax liability for the year was an excruciatingly burdensome $52.00.

Enjoy your filing. Hope you meet the deadline.

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4 Comments on “It’s Tax Time Again!”

  1. LM Says:

    Hello, came here via a search on “St John’s Island”. Taxes!.. the bane of the living.

  2. Libby Says:

    I’m glad you came back to do the annual tax post. It is a tradition now. But what’s this nonsense about leaving Blogtopia? You must leave it up because you might change your mind and we will miss you if you go.

  3. Brian Says:

    My tax liability in the US would have been over $5,000. And if you look in your tax guide you will see that, even if you only made $75.00, you would have to pay the government $9 of it. Jeez. Here, if you make under $20,000 you pay nothing.

  4. S Slotfeldt Says:

    That’s the way they do it in Norway, too. My dad tells me that the governement sends him a premade tax return, and all he has to do is corect any errors and submit it. Definitely a lot easier than here in the US! 😉

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