Oldies but Goodies – Sultans of Swing

I listened to a lot of versions of this before deciding on this one. Although Mark Knopfler doesn’t need it, Clapton playing backup tends to add another dimension to any tune. My question is, does rock and roll get any better than this?

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2 Comments on “Oldies but Goodies – Sultans of Swing”

  1. Bob Says:

    Fantastic music! All three clips are great. Clapton and Knopfler jamming on “Sultans of Swing” is brilliant. Creedence is fantastic and Green River is a great song– I remember when that guitar intro came on the jukebox everyone would perk up. And Cream? Clapton strikes again. I agree those two albums are amazing–not to mention the psychedelic artwork on the covers. Many a night spent sipping tea listening to these artists.

    These tunes really bring me back.

  2. rockync Says:

    It never gets any better than Clapton.

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