Been a while..gonna be again

I’ve never been this remiss before about posting to this blog.  But alas, my excuse is good as I have been blogging elsewhere. That link will take you to the blog I set up at the school for foreign students where I teach.

Anyway, since I already heard the fat lady singing, there hasn’t been that much to talk about. Sure, the campaigns have continued. McBush is down double digits and like the ignoramous he is, he says he’s happy where he is. Palin has “gone rogue” in the words of some inside staffers. In other words, as might be predicted, the dingbat is out of control, gone completely crazy with the media frenzy that surrounds her, and will certainly do something so incredibly stupid that her political career will implode if it hasn’t already.

I’ve been especially amused by the various opinions expoused lately on what a “real American” is. It seems to be anyone who falls between Walter Brennen’s “Old Rivers” and Andy of Maybury. Somehow, those of us who are educated, professional, thinking adults have been excluded from the definition.

Bloggingdino was right in his (her?) critique of one of my earlier comments over at The Swash Zone. The American voter is not mind numbingly stupid as I overgeneralized. It is only approximately half of them that are. Well, in the case of this election, less than half and that number is deteriorating rapidly. In any case, the moronic ones are quite simply the Republicans, who, with all of their failures so blatantly exposed, continue to support not only their ridiculous “team” of McCain/Palin, but continue to preach – to an emptying room – that their way works the best! They are apparently absolutely blind to their own recent history!

Like so many others, I feel like I have been politically brutalized by the Republicans for so long that I find it nearly, if not completely impossible to be in any way optomistic of the future. Yet, with Obama in charge and a 60+% in congress, who knows. Maybe, like Michelle, I’ll get a renewed sense of pride and hope.

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5 Comments on “Been a while..gonna be again”

  1. Jack Says:

    You shouldn’t kid yourself. There are an equal number of ass hole democrats as there are ass hole republicans. Both parties are to blame for the economic shit we’re in right now. To think otherwise is to reveal being uninformed or simply biased.

  2. Brian Says:

    I am absolutely 100% biased. 8 Years of Bush and the failures, deceipt, lying and incompetence of his terms has given me every reason and right to be. For anyone to seriously consider voting for someone who, in all likelyhood will continue down the same road, is moronic. Call me biased, in this case I wear it as a badge of honor, but in my opinion the only non-asshole repubs out there are the ones who are voting for Obama, because they recognize, despite their party affiliation, that he is truly the best choice for the country at this time.

  3. praguetwin Says:

    I had the same thought about the “real America.” How did racist, backward middle America get to be the “real America?” I think of early 19th century New York with millions pouring in from everywhere as the real America.

    Anyway, don’t expect a landslide. It will be closer than you think. I hope you voted….. I did.

  4. Brian Says:

    Hi Mike, nice to see you around. How’s that new little one. I actually made my vote a class affair in my pre-intermediate english class (EFL). One of my students got to fill in the ballot form. He was Chinese and understood that he was quite privileged to be voting in ANY election, let alone the US presidential one.

    As for “real America” I don’t know what that means anymore. I hope, like you, that it is not the racist, ignorant and potentially violent right but I’m just not sure anymore. When you start going downhill, eventually you hit the bottom of the barrel.

  5. Jack Says:

    You can choose to biased, you have that right. But it will do you little good to see with your eyes closed.

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