Ho Hum Debate

I thought it was pretty much a non-event with nothing surprising and no memorable moments. McCain just keeps saying the same old tired things and Obama, I felt, was pretty easy on him. I’m hoping that Biden just tears Palin a new one during their debate.

Speaking of Sarah “Lucy Ricardo” Palin, has anyone ever seen anyone in public life reveal how hoplessly inept they are like Palin did in the Couric interview? I was so embarrassed for her, and embarrassed that foreigners were watching, certainly astounded that she was the very best the Repubs could come up with, that I had to turn it off.

The Repubs have themselves between a rock and a hard place now. Many in the party and the campaign think she should be replaced, and for the sake of the country, she should be. But to do so now simply proves what a lousy idea it was to choose her in the first place. So they’re pretty much stuck with her I think, unless she gets sick or injured and “can’t” continue the campaign. Then what? Say hello again to Mitt Romney?

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2 Comments on “Ho Hum Debate”

  1. IMI Says:

    I heard when CBS posted the interview of Pailn v. Couric, they scrubbed the section where she thought the bail out plan was a health care plan.

    The press is protecting them from embarrassing moments.

  2. Brian Says:

    They try, for sure. That’s why I don’t depend on or even read the US press. I stick with the BBC, Asian press and the blogs. The information is more reliable.

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