Crime in the Streets – 2007 Edition

Well, It’s that time of the year again. The FBI has just come out with the crime stats for 2007. I always like to take a look at these numbers and compare them to that little place that I live called Singapore. For this, I have selected those US states that have roughly the same population, though less, than Singapore. I have also included Los Angeles, whose population is also about the same. Lets see what’s new!

Murder Rape Robbery Assault Population
Minnesota 116 1,873 4,770 8,244 3,781,574
Los Angeles 395 1004 13,481 12,926 3,870,487
Wisconsin 183 1,223 5,474 9,416 4,053,659
Colorado 153 1,998 3,453 11,302 4,187,300
Missouri 385 1,714 7,165 20,418 4,306,270
Tennessee 397 2,174 11,022 32,787 4,485,971
Singapore 18 72 1,025 2,800 4,588,009

It looks like killin’ is still real popular in LA though they’re not raping so much, which I guess is good news. Those folks in Missouri and Tennessee love to beat other people up and dang, lots of women seem to be gettin’ poked against their will in Colorado of all places. Minnesota, a chilly but friendly place, seems pretty safe, unless having nearly 2,000 women raped makes you a wee bit queasy.

Singapore, with a larger population than any of them, had 18 murders but hey, they only solved 17 of them and I bet those 72 women who got raped don’t think it’s so safe here. It’s safer now ofcourse, because those murderers and rapists here won’t be doing it again. Ever. They’re……gone.

The rapists and murderers in the US, on the other hand, will most likely be out practicing their trade again one day. Sure hope they don’t find you.

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4 Comments on “Crime in the Streets – 2007 Edition”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Statistics are interesting and obviously Singapore is one of the safest places to live, but my question is why? looking at rape statistics it’s hard to see why a little paradise like Dominica has more rapes per capita than the US or why Ireland has only about a fifth of the UK.

    The US as a whole ranks number 9 in the world for rape – Canada is number 5! India is number 56.

    I don’t know what to ascribe it to, but culture has to play a part in it.

  2. Brian Says:

    No doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Asian countries are very low on that scale. The issue of honor and respectability is very important and many are deeply religious. Here just touching a woman is called Outrage of Modesty and is a serious crime.

  3. Capt Fogg Says:

    “just touching a woman is called Outrage of Modesty ”

    Reminds me of a certain ex-wife. . .

  4. Brian Says:

    Lol Fogg. And I know just exactly what you mean. I had one of those too.

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