Dingbats in the White House

That’s exactly what we’ll have if McCain gets elected and if the American people are dumb enough to put him there, that’s just what they deserve. He’s made it glaringly obvious that he’s senile and his new dingbat choice for VP proves it. She’s like the old I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball with a gun.

At first I thought maybe McCain was smarter than I thought. Maybe he knows that the American voter will be swayed because she’s a woman, she’s young, she’s pretty in a dingbatty sort of way and she says “Yup, Yup”. The typical American voter won’t be influenced by the fact that she’s a nobody, with no experience and is utterly unprepared to assume the job of President if McCain should fall over dead. Of course the NRA will love her to death. She’s a perfect replacement for Cheney. He shoots lawyers in the face and she can put a big bloody hole in a moose while her horrified daughter looks on.

All in all I think the country in general and the Republican party specifically has shown an enormous lack of political intelligence to let either one of these jerks get to this point in the first place. But as they both scamper down to New Orleans for their photo ops with Bushy, as they each try to convince us that they actually give a damn about poor people, as they embrace a few terrified black women, we will praise them with Ohhs and Ahhs as they rush back to their hotel rooms to wash their soiled hands.

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9 Comments on “Dingbats in the White House”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    McCain probably figured having a young and pretty woman as his running mate would help to garner votes by countering the fact of him being old and ugly :p

  2. Brian Says:

    You may be right. And if the American voter is stupid enough to vote for him based on a womans age and sex, then the US deserves to go down the tubes. They’re just hanging onto the edge of that tube right now.

  3. Bob R Says:

    I agree. The question remains: how dumb are we? McCain has tried to drive a wedge between Obama and disgruntled Hillary supporters by praising Hillary and fanning the flames of their discontent–basically telling them Barack sold them out, and should have picked Hillary (as if he wants the Democrats to win–in some twisted bit of circuitous logic) and then insulting them by suggesting ANY women will do, regardless of the issues or political point of view. Suddenly, he’s concerned about women–but it’s obviously a cynical ploy.

    If politics has devolved into a mere popularity contest, a dog and pony act, a reality TV show, than maybe we deserve to go the way of the great empires of the past. The Romans said give the people bread and circuses and they’ll let you do anything, and this display of contempt for the American people is an example of “panem et circenses.” Juvenal would be proud of us.

  4. Buffalo Says:

    I think the brillance of choosing her may well depend on how well she was vetted. If there aren’t any really ugly skeleton in her trunk it well could prove to have been a brilliant move. She does put into play the gender card and serves to offset the age card. She is conservative and stands tall on many issues conservatives hold near and dear – something McCain doesn’t.

    On the other hand it pulls the inexperience card from McCain’s deck. At least to a degree.

  5. abi Says:

    McCain’s bad judgment is just stunning. How can anyone take this guy seriously?

    Sarah Palin? What has happened to this country?

    Sometimes I think I’m going to wake up one morning and will have found that the last 8 years have been a very bad dream. Gore will be president after having won in 2000. His administration would have listened to the likes of Richard Clarke in 2001, and to those “subtle hints” of what was was coming our way, like the “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the USA” brief, and maybe they could have averted that disaster. And if not, they definitely would have stayed focused on the target – Obama and al Qaeda.

  6. Capt Fogg Says:

    But people are seriously asserting that not only is she qualified, but that she’s much more qualified than her opponents, who are as the same people say “Marxists”

    You really can’t find logical explanations coming from stupid, irrational, rabidly partisan and bigoted Americans. but the truth seems to be that McCain had her handed to him by a Religious Right think-tank as a quid pro quo.

    Accept this airhead anti-abortionist, anti-gay twit or you won’t get our support.

    McCain now says he vetted her on Google, which is as pathetic an excuse as I’ve heard, but what really matters is that people are going wild for her.

    If I were Paris Hilton, I would be laughing my ass off at the guy who criticized her and appointed an even bigger airhead.

  7. Brian Says:

    Good touch, Fogg on the Paris Hilton comparison. I too just read a WSJ oped touting her strong experience and leadership qualites. I would have loved to hear the REAL conversations that took place when she found out her adolescent daughter was banging her boyfriend and was with child.

  8. Buffalo Says:

    I still think it was a good choice for him. (Not that I think he made it. Don’t know if it was the machine or the religious right …. doubt there is much difference.)

    Now…will she make it all the way to the gate or will she suddenly have “personal issues” that require her to withdraw.

    It’s a whole lot like playing chess – but not as fun.

  9. rockync Says:

    I believe what we’ll see is the rabid right stomping their feet and yelling hoo rah! and continuing to spout off about her experience and her abilities and how the dems are running scared in some pathetic effort to sway national favor in their direction. I do not believe it will work. The only blogs I have read that think she’s brilliant are right wingnuts. Personally she reminds me of Smurfette and the vision in my head is of her running down the hall in the White House yelling, “Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf!”

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