We can all learn something from this story

I’m not sure what, but it says a lot about kindness, selflessness and an instinctual drive to help others. Whole story here.

An eight-year-old dog has touched the hearts of Argentines by saving the life of an abandoned baby, placing the girl safely alongside her own new puppies.

The 14 year old mother is said to have panicked and abandoned the baby in a field, surrounded by wooden boxes and rubbish.

Then along came La China, the dog which somehow picked up the baby and carried her 50m to place him alongside her own puppies.

The dog’s owner heard the child crying and found her covered with a rag.

So the dog not only protected this helpless baby, it covered the baby up with a rag. I’m thinking about the hundreds of thousands of veterans who are homeless and are left to fend for themselves on the cold hard streets of US cities every night, but I’m not going to mention it here. It might sound trite.

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