You know what the boy scouts say…

Be Prepared

Got those bags all packed for your sons and daughters? Got those life insurance policies all paid up? Got plots picked out? Done some price comparisons on prosthetic limbs? If not, you better get to it. McBush may be on the horizon, and he’s gonna want your sons and your daughters. Hell, he’s gonna want THEIR sons and daughters.

And we all know you aren’t going to do one damn thing about it.

Then again, sure, a lot of them die, but we always end up with some really cool music so what the heck.

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3 Comments on “You know what the boy scouts say…”

  1. Marty Says:

    Well… McBush can’t have my son again. Oh. Hell. No. It ain’t happnin’.

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Six months and someone else will be sitting there.

    Conscription is almost inevitable.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    I hope your right about that, Buff. Not because I want the wars to drag on, but during the time they wind down, if they do, I think the troops that have been forced into multiple and extended tours need the break. Temporary draft could do that.

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