Congratulations Singapore !

It’s been 48 years since Singapore won an Olympic medal. Congratulations to the women’s table tennis team for doing it so handily with their silver medal in the team event. You will surely be an inspiration to future athletes on our beautiful little island.

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5 Comments on “Congratulations Singapore !”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    Seems like we can only depend on foreign talents to bring in the olympic medals. Afterall, even Tan Howe Liang, who won Singapore’s 1st Olympic medal in 1960, was himself born in China in the 1930s.

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Good for Singapore. It’s a proud thing.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    Michael, while I understand your comment, and Pearl shares your feeling, please keep something in mind. These young ladies have worked their butts off for years to achieve this extremely difficult goal – not for China, but for Singapore.
    This is a multiracially mixed country full of people who weren’t born here. But they become patriotic Singaporeans and they contribute to its society. These women have contributed much more infact than many born here Singaporeans.

    They’ve done everything they can to show how truly and completely Singaporean they are. To call them “foreign talent” utterly belittles that effort and I think it’s very insulting to them. They deserve to be called Singaporeans, not foreigners.

  4. Mockingbird Says:

    i think they are mercenaries of sorts since they get a nice fat pay cheque for doing what they do. I suspect they might even play for another country that can pay them even better. One silver Olympic medal gets them S$500,000, that certainly is no small sum of money.

    Li Jiawei cried 4 years ago in Athens Olympics because she failed to win a medal. i think she cried becos she couldn’t get the prize money :p

    Sorry. That’s just me being cynical.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    Well, we’re all entitled to our opinions. If you think that athletes spend years of sweat and hard work only for the money, its pretty obvious that you have never been involved in athletics on that level.

    I have and I know what they have been through. Many athletes get paid for their performance. Michael Phelps got a million dollar bonus from Nike for winning eight gold. Do you think that’s why he worked so hard for years to get so good that he could do it?

    That really is insulting, Michael. I’m a little surprised at your extreme cynicism. Walk in their shoes…then your opinion might be more valid

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