America Believing Bush Again (sigh)

And all this time we thought next would be Iran. From Times Online:

Although direct military intervention is not being considered, Pentagon sources have hinted that a limited number of troops could be deployed on the ground to support what Mr Bush described as a “vigorous and ongoing” humanitarian mission headed by the US military.

He announced that the first US airforce transport aircraft was already on its way and that more would follow. Meanwhile, the Navy was heading to the Black Sea — currently controlled by Russian warships — to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies direct to Georgian ports.

Bush is working frantically to leave office with some kind of positive legacy after his complete and utter failures at home with the collapsing economy and abroad with his murderous nightmare in Iraq. I suppose he thinks that, because its the big bad Russians, the American people will support this effort no matter how untimely. He’s right of course, because the Americans refuse to learn any lessons and are too lazy to stand up and take control of their government.

So get your sons and daughters ready, America. You’re finally going to war with Russia.

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4 Comments on “America Believing Bush Again (sigh)”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    Election year. Public tired of war. No troops to commit.

    I’m thinking the odds are in the favor of no military involvement.

    I can surely see the potential that I’m wrong.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I hope your right, Buf. But logic hasn’t been a big factor in this White House and I can’t see it starting now. Look out for something big to happen soon… October surprise.

  3. This is incredibly fightening to see. Russia absolutely checkmated the ziofascist stunt in Georgia but these warmongering scumbags are upping the ante to insane levels of provocation. One misstep or false flag incident and we’re at war, because the Russians and everybody else in the world but Foxified americans knows Saakashvili was only following orders. Inserting troops after flying the Georgian soldiers back from Iraq to join in the fighting, these are psychotic monsters.

  4. Mockingbird Says:

    Bush wants Russian troops to leave Georgia. But he’s not pulling out American troops out of Iraq.


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