Bush craps on the environment – again

In just one more move to solidify the ultra conservative, drill anywhere, environment be damned agenda of the oil companies, Bush is proposing a massive change to the way animals and plants qualify for Endangered Species status. Wapo reports,

…under current law, agencies must subject any plans that potentially affect endangered animals and plants to an independent review by the Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Marine Fisheries Service. Under the proposed new rules, dam and highway construction and other federal projects could proceed without delay if the agency in charge decides they would not harm vulnerable species.

In otherwords, the critical oversight process, which for three decades has been used to determine the protection status of potentially endangered species, would be eliminated. Instead, individual federal agencies would determine whether protected species would be imperiled by agency projects.

Sounds kinda like how the Department of Indian Affairs protected the Native Americans.

This is your Department of the Interior at work. If this policy is allowed, you can kiss all of the animals and plants that are currently on the protected list goodbye. Get out there and take photos and videos of them because your grandchildren will never see the real thing.

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2 Comments on “Bush craps on the environment – again”

  1. gaj Says:

    Since the engineers designing bridges and dams will surely do such a good job examining their effects on the biology of endangered species, maybe we should have the endangered species biologists use their new amounts of spare time engineering bridges and dams…

  2. expatbrian Says:

    You’re right. That makes just as much sense. I’m not a huge environmentalist but common sense dictates that we take very serious and special care of our environment simply because it is the fragile characteristics of our environment that sustain us and allow us to survive in the first place.

    Governments in the past were shortsighted because of ignorance and that can even be excused because science had not yet evolved to a point where even experts were aware of the potential dangers. But now, governments are absolutely aware of the dangers and yet the US and others are continuing to move ahead with policies that wil ultimately lead to their own destruction. Too bad the poorer, innocent countries have to suffer too.

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