Absurdity Within the Catholic Church

Three devoted women, who have taken a lifelong vow to become Catholic Priests, were immediately excommunicated by the church. But if you are a MALE priest and you rape a child, no prob. Your status in the church is solemnly and sacredly secure.

There is just no way that I can say it more succinctly than this:

…Sunday in Boston all three were “ordained” in a ceremony run by a pro-women priest organization. The Archdiocese of Boston promptly declared that the women had automatically excommunicated themselves by such action. Their excommunicable sin: yearning to dedicate themselves to the church and faith they love.

Meanwhile, here’s who hasn’t been excommunicated: hundreds of priests and bishops who’ve admitted to or been accused of multiple sexual assaults on children and teenagers. Some resign. Some are defrocked. But many more remain Catholics in good standing or even retain their titles, their pay, their clerical trappings and the support of the church.

“I’m not sure I’ve heard of anybody (in the sex scandal) being excommunicated for raping a child,” said someone who follows these cases nonstop. “But a woman who wants to say Mass?”

Off with her head! Clearly, the priest’s behavior is considered minor compared to these three women who have the gall to want to serve their local people by becoming priests. Here’s an example of who the church believes is more fit to preach to your children than these three women.

Francis E. Bass, a former bishop in the Davenport, Iowa, diocese, was accused of abusing many boys and of sharing them with multiple priests in group sex orgies. He settled a lawsuit with the archdiocese after the statute of limitation ran out for criminal prosecution. The archdiocese, by the way, asked the Vatican to defrock Bass. The Vatican said no, leaving him free to say Mass every day.

The list of perverts that have been protected by the Church seems endless. Just read the article.  Not to mention their complicity during the Holocaust and acceptance of slavery. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

And now, the pope is in Australia of all places, apologizing for the sexual rape and abuse of children by his priests and bishops there! He’s doing a goddamn world apology tour! I know he’s trying to use his papal aura to convince victims not to sue, but I sincerely hope they are not swayed by his insincere mumblings of regret. Go for the money folks, while there’s still some left.

How about a new victim’s slogan. “They got the sucks, NOW we get the bucks.”

Has a nice ring to it. Not bad for a three martini idea.

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7 Comments on “Absurdity Within the Catholic Church”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    It’s not fair indeed for women to be discriminated against just becos they want to serve as priests. i believe that anyone can still serve the church and the community without having to be ordained as a priest.

    Perhaps the 3 women who have been excommunicated should consider joining a protestant church where many women serve as pastors.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Sure, they can do that, and in fact I agree with you that they should. In fact, I don’t think anyone should belong to the Catholic Church. But this is the church these women love and want to serve. It’s not a complex issue. The Catholic church treats women like second class citizens which fits right in with all the rest of their ancient, out of date, ridiculous dogma and doctrine.

    I’m sure you can get excommunicated too for using condoms or, heaven forbid, having sex just because its FUN. People are leaving the church and young men are choosing not to go into the priesthood because of these out of date rules and who can blame them?

  3. Buffalo Says:

    We’re not in agreement on this one.

    The pedophile priests and the excommunication of the three women are very different issues. I think it should be obvious to anyone that the church was egregiously wrong in harboring, even abetting, the priests. It was inexcusable. In my opinion the guilty were dealt with very lightly. The cash awards to the victims did nothing to punish the guilty individuals. The awards could be perceived as punishment for the church. Compared to the overall wealth of the church they were minuscule. The embarrassment of it all could be seen as punishment. I don’t see it that way. They damn well should be embarrassed – and a whole lot more.

    The issue of women priests goes to dogma. The Catholic Church was the first Christian church. Prohibition against women priests has existed from the very beginning. If a person chooses to associate themselves with that church then they are accepting the dogma of the church.

    That doesn’t mean they can’t work, lobby, whatever, to change church dogma and policy. They delibertly violated the rules with an empty and meaningless gesture. They knew what the consequences would be before they did it.

    Everyone of the different christian churches that exist today came about because a group of people disagreed with the churches beliefs.

    I don’t know if the Catholic Church is relevant today or not. I’m sure they have sustained losses because of their conservative views. What I find interesting is that many of the fundamental Christian churches are growing by leaps and bounds. Their beliefs make the Catholic Church seem liberal by comparrison.

    Go figure.

  4. Capt Fogg Says:

    At least they claim to be the first, but really the first churches are long gone, except possible the Coptics. Jesus wasn’t a Roman.

    But I do agree that some of the psychoconservative American sects seem positively medieval in comparison. At least the Vatican is far less vicious when it comes to science.

  5. Buffalo Says:

    Basing my statement on the church’s claim that Peter, the apostle, was the first pope and the bibical statement accredited to Jesus that he would build his church on Peter.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    I haven’t seen any stats on the actual growth of other protestants churches but the coverage that they get in the news has surely increased. Bush’s department of Faith Based Initiatives and all of the conservative, religious talking heads make it seem that the ultra right, conservative churches are a real powerhouse of political might.

    I think we’ll get an idea of how true that is on election day.

    I agree Buf that women can and should work to change this outdated church dogma. I think that is just what these three women were doing. Certainly, they knew they would be rejected by the church but their gesture helps publicize the situation and publicity is a necessary ingredient for change.

    As far as the first church, how are we defining that?. Are we saying that “church” can only be a Christian church? I mean, I know Catholics and Christians think that but there were many religions around prior to Jesus.

    It’s all getting to be a tiring argument. I think the beginning of the end is in sight for the dominance of the Catholic Church simply because the necessary lifestyles of people are changing so drastically. The church can’t excommunicate everybody.

  7. Buffalo Says:

    In context of the dialogue I was referring to christian churches. There were many different beliefs at the time christianity came on the scene. I found all sorts of interesting information while researching a term paper and, again, when I went through a philosophical period.

    I don’t think the Catholic Church will diminish in the long run. There is too much money and power involved for them to allow it to slip away. They’ll tweak the sore spots and surge ahead. That’s what they did in the ’70s to bring back the numbers.

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