Deleting comments

I have only deleted comments to my posts once in the past that I can remember. In that instance, I was emailed by the attorney for a young divorced woman whose exhusband had killed  their two children and himself in a desparate rage that has yet to be explained. I had followed and written about him because he was an untreated PTSD veteran of Iraq. The comments, mostly by family members, had become heated and even petty, and the attorney asked if I would consider removing the worst of them as they were disturbing to the exwife and the one surviving child. I agreed to do just that.

But today I deleted a series of comments left recently by someone who calls him/herself the ignorant American. This person somehow found my tiny blog and decided to stop by – and I will put this as respectfully as I can – to ridicule my more liberal views and to promote the conservative agenda of Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain. How’s that for respectful!

In any case, I deleted his/her comments because I don’t believe what he/she had to say, think he/she is utterly and completely wrong, and let him call me an idiot and a moron one time too many already. I’m pretty sure my IQ is greater than his and I’m damn sure my experience is much more broad, but neither is the point.

The point is, it’s my blog. I will delete who and what I want and write what I want. If Mr./Mrs./Ms ignorant American doesn’t like it, he/she can go comment somewhere else or he/she can go fuck him/herself.

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3 Comments on “Deleting comments”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    That’s right pal. It’s your blog and you’re 100% free to delete any comments from anyone which you deem offensive, idiotic, moronic, anal, etc.

    Afterall, i do exactly the same thing with comments on my blog which i deem undesirable.

    Ah, the power of censorship on a blog belongs solely to the blog’s author.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    In fact there have been successful lawsuits against bloggers who did not delete libelous comments fast enough.

    I’ve only deleted a few – once for too much profanity and the rest because they were too hostile and frankly demented.

    I sort of suspect that the “Ignorant American” is the same troll that posed as “the angry African American” and “Tricky Dick Nixon” elsewhere. He’s very persistent, but sufficient deletion eventually does the trick.

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