Nelson Mandela – a legacy

Nelson Mandela, former prisoner, former anti-aparthied activist, former president of the ANC, has been taken off of the US terrorism watch list-finally. As unbelievable as it may sound, this Nobel Peace Prize winner has been on the terrorism watch list because of his anti-aparthied and anti-racism activities. In other words, because he has devoted his life to ridding South Africa of the racism imposed by a white minority government, and was imprisoned for 27 years fighting for equality for his people, the US puts him on the terrorist watch list.

Actually, it fits right in with the racist, scared-to-death-of-anyone-who-doesn’t-look-like-us mania that’s so pervasive in the US these days.

Mandela is in high demand world wide as a trusted advisor and mediator and is perhaps the most well respected elder statesman alive and still active. How respected is he?

He can get anyone on the phone. “When Mandela calls, the president takes the call, no question,” said a White House spokesman.

This is a man who has made a difference, and a positive one for his people. This is a man who commands respect and deserves it. This is a man who will maintain a revered legacy and take his place in the history books as someone who devoted his life to peace and the advancement of mankind.

George W. Bush, you are no Nelson Mandela. You couldn’t shine his shoes.

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3 Comments on “Nelson Mandela – a legacy”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    George W. Bush can’t shine Mandela’s shoes? Sounds a bit like John the Baptist considering himself as not fit to carry Jesus’ sandals heh?

  2. Mockingbird Says:

    Mandela banned Naomi Campbell from attending his birthday celebration because of his disappointment with her bouts of bad behavior. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀

  3. expatbrian Says:

    I don’t blame him. She’s a jerk and certainly that behaviour is not a good role model for black people from any country. Mandela has these rare characteristics that most leaders, indeed most people lack – honor and integrity.

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