Um, is it just me or….

Is this just a little too creepy.

Six human feet, each wearing a sports shoe, have washed up on Canadian shores since last August.

The feet have all been found on islands in the Strait of Georgia, off Vancouver, near the mouth of the Fraser River. The first foot was found last August by a girl playing on a remote beach on Jedidah Island, who picked up the size 12 white training shoes and undid the laces to check inside.

Six days later, a woman hiking on nearby Gabriola Island came upon another size 12 training shoe — also a right foot. Two more right feet were found on February 8 on Valdes Island and on May 22 on Kirkland Island.

The first left foot was recovered on Monday on nearby Westham Island when two people out walking their dog pulled a shoe from the water.

The sixth foot was found on a beach in Vancouver Island inside a size 10 black Adidas shoe yesterday morning.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, seeking to allay fears of a serial killer, says there is no evidence the feet were cut off.

That begs the question, if they weren’t cut off, what animal is eating everything else but the feet? And why does this animal seem to prefer the left feet? Except once, when it was…what…extra hungry? The answer to that is extra crispy…er…creepy.

Bodies come apart at the joints when submerged in water for some time, and flesh begins to change into adipocere tissue, a soap-like substance sometimes called “grave wax” that crabs and microbes will eat, experts say.

If I can stomach it, I will follow up and let you know who these well apparelled feet belong to. Yuck.

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