Lions being intentionally poisoned in Kenya

Just watched this disturbing video offered up by the BBC. A pesticide, Carbofuron, is being used in Kenya to kill predetory animals like lions and other big cats.  In some cases, carcasses are being seeded with the deadly chemical in order to poison the animals that will feed upon it. It has now gotten into the ecosystem and has killed animals that graze as well.

This is being done to protect cows and other livestock. But it begs the question, is this the only damn way to do it? Do we have to poison already endangered animals?

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One Comment on “Lions being intentionally poisoned in Kenya”

  1. Mockingbird Says:

    i guess poisoning the lions is more effective than shooting them down one by one since it also poisons other animals that feed upon the lion that has been poisoned to death. i have to concur it’s very crappy.

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