McCain’s Military Bullshit

Anyone here who reads my stuff knows that I support veterans and rant against those who don’t. I feel that they all deserve a healthy dose of our respect and honor. Granted, some of them screw up. A horrifying number of them commit suicide. Many many more are homeless. These are problems that need to be addressed by a new administration because the current one just doesn’t care about it.

But fact is, I’m really getting sick and tired of listening to John McCain try to make out that he is a better man, a smarter man, and most of all, has more foreign policy experience and is better fit to be president, simply because he is a vet and was a prisoner of war. It’s bullshit.

Being a pilot in the military and being a prisoner, especially in solitary confinement does not make one more savvy when it comes to foreign policy. Indeed, grunts on the ground working in and around foreign soldiers and civilians have a much better chance of broadening their perspectives than do pilots flying thousands of feet above it all.

On the other side of the coin, while having military experience can certainly add a dimension of understanding that goes beyond the borders of the US, not having that experience does not mean that anyone who does is better equipped to make tough decisions and to lead.

This whole vet/prisoner of war/officer/pilot thing that McCain exploits every chance he gets is crap. It doesn’t mean anything if its not backed up with sound judgement, consistency and a moral code that transcends the greed and quest for power. In McCain’s case – well, it ain’t the case. He’s old, he’s utterly dependent upon others to tell him where he stands today and then he changes that tomorrow. He’s inept and just not up to the job.

Ask yourself this. If you were the CEO of a huge, ultra complex, multi trillion dollar company, and you were looking to hire a manager to run the whole show, and John McCain was not any better known than any other applicant, would he be your choice? Of course not. Why? Because he has no qualifications. You’re not going to hire anyone because they knew how to fly and spent years in a cell. It’s honorable, but it’s not what’s needed for the job.

Another Mac, General Douglas MacArthur said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Listen up, John. He’s calling your name.

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