Abusing the neediest children

As a sociology grad student I had the opportunity to work with victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It’s all absolutely heart wrenching but the abuse of children is so emotionally charged that I ended up quitting the program and changing my vocational direction completely. When I realized that I was much more interested in beating the abuser than I was in counseling him (or her), I knew that field was not for me.

This article came out today about a study concerning the abuse of the neediest children in the poorest locations by foreign aid workers.

A new report by Save the Children U.K. accuses some aid workers and peacekeepers of sexually exploiting children living in countries affected by conflict and natural disaster. As Tendai Maphosa reports from London, the report says the general silence surrounding the abuse is also shocking.

I can’t even imagine being in a place where there is so much despair, hunger and death, and exploiting that need for personal gratification. How could a person possibly become aroused in those surroundings? Another article goes on to say,

The report details a “litany” of sexual crimes against children as young as six, based on field research in Sudan, the Ivory Coast, and Haiti. The sexual crimes include: being forced to have sex or participate in child pornography; being subjected to improper touching and kissing; or being withheld food unless one performed a sexual favor.

So in other words, aid workers, who have the food to give a desperately hungry child as young as six, will only give that child the food if the child performs a sexual act. I’m not sure I can think of anything more repulsive than that. They ought to be whipped and then shot.

I also ran across this video of workers in a Vietnamese orphanage. It certainly can be muchworse than this but its little wonder why some children grow up to be socio and psychopaths.

I’m speechless as to how to end this post. It’s just so fucking sad.

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3 Comments on “Abusing the neediest children”

  1. Mocking Bird Says:

    Depraved are the minds of people who abuse innocent, poor little children. They ought to burn forever in the deepest pit of hell.

    It pains my heart too, to see little kids being abused like that. if i can kill the abusers by chopping their heads off with an axe and get away with it, i surely would.

    Sinful human depravity knows no limit.

  2. Ann Says:

    I am unable to fathom how it is possible for a human being to act in such a depraved manner. These people do not deserve to be live either and you are right, there are certainly worser situations which really makes my head spin.

    No one deserves to be treated the way such little kids have been treated. No one.

  3. helen Says:

    I would just like to say that after seeing this i ask myself with so many people not being able to concieve what are we waiting for?. It seems to me that we find this all revolting but hey all you people out there who really could do something PLEASE HELP THESE POOR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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