Obama, watch your back – Update

Apparently I’m not alone in my fears concerning Obama’s future health or lack thereof. Hillary seems to be planning on it as well. I just read this good article which points out that she has invoked this “Kennedy assassination” imagery not just this once, but several times over the last few months. Watch the Olberman videos in the same article to hear more.

In a previous post I expressed my worry that, if Obama selected a VP more conservative than himself, he would be taking the chance of becoming a target because, should he be unable to serve, that VP would step directly into the White House. It seems that Hillary is fantasizing about just such a scenario.

Yesterday it was reported that members of her staff are holding secret meetings with Obama people about Hillary joining the ticket. Is she doing that to cover both bases? It’s pretty obvious that if Obama were to drop out of this race anytime before the general election, Hillary would be the only democratic candidate and would probably win the White House. But what happens if Obama were to suffer tragedy after being elected? The only way that Hillary could take his place is by being the VP. Otherwise she is not anywhere in the chain of ascension. Its the only reasonable explanation for her staying in the race at all.

Clinton knows that she hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning the nomination now under normal circumstances, but if she hangs in there and makes it miserable for Obama and the party, they may offer the VPship just to get her out of the race. In other words, she is willing to hurt the party’s chances in the general election in order to implant herself in the the line to the throne. If so, she’s as bad as Bush was in 2000 and 2004.

Also, by bringing up the possibility of a Bobby Kennedy like tragedy, she invokes the fears of the democratic voting public who she hopes will say to themselves, ‘she’s right. If something happens to Obama we want to make sure that our second choice – Hillary – gets in. Not some VP that we know nothing about.’

I’m surprised she didn’t bring up the imagery of John Kennedy as well. In one paragraph she could have vividly invoked the horror of those two nightmares. Why didn’t she just say,

“Bobby Kennedy getting shot and killed during his campaign and John Kennedy getting shot and killed while in office just goes to show you how important it is to have a good solid second candidate or VP waiting in the wings to take their place.”

For all practical purposes, that’s exactly what she is saying. And it’s disgusting and abhorrent.

This may sound fatalistic and conspiratorial. But this is Washington and when it comes to the fight for the White House, anything goes. And after all of the underhanded, conniving and despicable tactics that Clinton has pulled (refer to Olberman again) I don’t trust her and wouldn’t put anything past her. I think she has become a real and present danger to Obama, and not just as a competitor for the nomination.

I go back to my earlier recommendation. Obama should name a VP that the rich and powerful Republicans just cannot stomach. Hillary does not fit that mold. It may be the only way to insure his longevity.

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2 Comments on “Obama, watch your back – Update”

  1. jonolan Says:

    You may be right. It may just be that the Hillary is trying to play to that fear to discourage Black voters though. Kind of a “don’t bother voting for Obama, they’ll just kill him.” sort of thing. There was a fair bit of publicized rhetoric along those lines from the Blacks earlier in the campaign. She could just be stupid enough to be trying to play that.

  2. Well reasoned. It’s been clear to me that if Obama chooses Clinton as VP he needs to have his life insurance paid up, but I hadn’t considered how anyone that would please the crowd that likes empire and unconditional support for Israel would endanger his life – much as Johnson’s presence encouraged the assassination of John Kennedy.

    They didn’t get what they wanted on domestic American racial politics, but in Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam they certainly did.

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