Tragedy and Courage

Stories of enormous courage always seem to emerge from tragedy. So it was with 9-11 and so it is with the devastating earthquakes in Sichuan Province, China which now number over 75 in the last 8 days. (that’s just the ones over 4.0)

Four days after the first quake, with little hope of finding survivors under the mountains of rubble, the body of a young woman was found. She was in a kneeling position, clutching a bundle under her body. In the bundle was her sleeping 4 month old child, still suckling at her mother’s lifeless breast.

They were pulled from the debris and the baby was rushed to a medical facility where it was found to be fine. The mother had had the foresight before she died to position herself in such a way that even if she expired, her nipple would still be in her baby’s mouth. Whatever reservoir of milk was available, probably saved the baby’s life.

When the doctor at the medical facility unbundled the baby he found a cell phone in the wrap. On it was a text message that simply said,

“My dear baby, if you can survive, do remember that I loved you.”

Love and courage, pure and simple.

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One Comment on “Tragedy and Courage”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    “Love and courage, pure and simple.”

    And rare and beautiful.

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