John Rambo

I just watched Rambo IV. It was brutally graphic, nonstop action and I just loved it. As Rambo, albeit an older, well seasoned one, Stallone still has what it takes. As a younger man I would have called it kickass. 5 stars.

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5 Comments on “John Rambo”

  1. sebgray Says:

    I agree! I watched it a little while ago and loved it! Like you say, Stallone is older, but still has what it takes to make a great film!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog!
    Seb šŸ™‚

  2. Buffalo Says:

    Haven’t seen the movie, but did see a trailer when Stallone was on Jay Leno this week. Looks to be a good movie. Stallone is in pretty good shape for being 61 years old.

    The original Rambo, First Blood, was written by one of my favorite authors, David Morrel. (Could be 2 L’s and one R – or two of each.) Read it years before I saw the movie.) The book was better than the movie in some ways, but they did a good job.

  3. expatbrian Says:

    To me, a real impressive part of that series and the Rocky series is that they are all good. Amost always, sequels look to be just what they are – attempts to make a few more bucks from a good original film. But Rambo, Rocky, Indiana Jones, and a few other recent series have actually produced good sequels.

    If anything, with his increased size, Stallone is in ways even more awesome in this role than in Rambo 1,2,3

  4. Buffalo Says:

    I watched it last night and wasn’t impressed. It has to be one of the most graphically violent movies I’ve ever seen. I’m liberal as hell when it comes to censorship. There is no way I would allow even a young teenager see it.

    The first half of the movie was incredibly slow. There was virtually no character development.

    In an interview Stallone said he was trying to show the conditions that exist in Mymar. If that is the way it is the UN should be taking action.

    I didn’t hate the movie. I don’t regret spending the money – and I often do. It did leave me thinking they could have done a hell of a lot more with it.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    Ah, when money is involved it’s different. I expect great things If I pay for a movie. I don’t ever pay to watch films anymore so perhaps my standards are more easily attained. Like the old rockers who still take the stage, I admire the aging entertainers and actors who still give it their all.

    As far as the brutality shown, I agree that it is too graphic for the young, but I think adults, especially voting adults should be exposed to it, frequently. Its about time we stopped sanitizing and glorifying war and show it for what it really is – hideously brutal. And its obvious that the media is not going to show it and the government is not going to show it. Indeed, they make a successful effort to hide it any way they can. If it takes movies, blogs and the internet to show what combat is really like, even exagerated, then so be it.

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