Trekkin’ in Singapore – McRitchie

I’ve been too busy to post the pictures of my trip to McRitchie last weekend, until now. McRitchie is a water catchment area surrounded by tropical forest and is amazingly beautiful. Nice walking paths are cut through the jungle as it is so dense, that to go “offroad” is nearly impossible. At least without a machete. We only went in for about 3 miles but next week we are planning to trek to the Treetop Bridge and thats about a 10 mile hike.

Anyway, here’s some shots from last weeks trip. Click to enlarge.

The entrance to the hiking trail area is clean and beautiful.

The jungle path is just around the next bend.

The Jungle is dense, even at the very beginning of the trail.

The vines are everywhere but hard and rigid. Not the Tarzan swinging variety.

The sun’s rays peek through the canopy to light the way.

As the jungle gets more dense, the trail becomes almost a tunnel and the mid and upper canopy virtually block out the sun. In the distance, you can see that tunnel entrance.

These leaves fall from the high canopy. They are huge and shaped like maple leaves. We had to use the flash here because of the darkness.

This plant is very large and quite common. It looks as if someone has cut off the ends of the leaves but it is the natural shape. Leaves are about 3′ long and 1′ wide.

The lake is crystal clear and looks like a mirror it is so calm.

A good view of the different canopy layers. The monkeys typically hand out in the mid to high canopy.

I left this picture larger because its a very nice one to use as desktop wallpaper. Try it.

Pearl is a much better photographer than I am. She captured these two monkeys sunning themselves in the trees.

This one looks like its out of a book! Great shot.

We ran across this on our way out, two macaques doing the nasty.

They got shy and climbed the fence to reach a more secluded area. But excitment got the best of them and they had to stop for a quickie on the way over.

Safely over the fence, they went for it with a passion.

Singapore and the surrounding area offers many beautiful and natural places of interest. The tropical climate and absence of air pollution make the scenery magnificent.

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6 Comments on “Trekkin’ in Singapore – McRitchie”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    Man! Great photos. It’s a freakin’ paradise!

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Yeah, it is. One of the best kept secrets in the world.

  3. The Razzler Says:

    Wow, amazing, beautiful (and quite funny) photos! 🙂

  4. Fantastic Says:

    Thanks for sharing the photo’s. Today, I did the 11KM run in McRitchie. It is very scenic, clean, rugged, exciting !!!!

  5. Hunter Says:

    Joggers are a nuisance, especially when they think they own the entire path and run side by side. Oncoming walkers have to step aside to let them pass, So avoid the park in the evenings. Otherwise you might get run over…

  6. Robert G. McRitchie Says:

    Do you suppose we are related?? Bob McRitchie…Father Gerald Rowe McRitchie (deceased)

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