Obama, watch your back

Now that Obama has basically bagged the nomination (is Hilary ever going to do the right thing and quit?) the questions are getting more frequent and pointed about a possible running mate. I fear that if Obama chooses someone more conservative in order to bridge the gap – someone that is more to the liking of the Repub’s – especially the big business boys, that his life will immediately be in danger.

Obama, if he honors what he has said in his speeches, is an enormous threat to many huge industries. Anyone who profits from the wars considers him an enemy. I think he is in formidable danger already but if he makes it into the White House and especially if he has a more conservative VP, I don’t think its being overly fatalistic to believe he will be a target. And a serious target of these folks will become a dead president. We do that in America. We kill leaders with progressive ideas. Obama fits the mold.

And keep in mind, once McCain became a shoe-in, there was a drive to get Republican voters to vote for Hilary in an effort to stop Obama. Republicans prefer her and, to me, that means she should NOT be the running mate. I’m not worried about that because I don’t think Obama would do that anyway.

Whoever the running mate is, I hope it’s someone that is even more frightening to the Republicans than Obama is. That will help insure his safety.

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