The absurd “furor” over Reverend Wright

The only reason there is a “furor” as the press likes to say, is because the Repubs and the press who are so firmly snuggled up in their pockets have created one. And the only credibility Obama has lost in my eyes is due to him feeling that he has to address it as if it is valid.

If Obama is responsible for what Wright says, or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t it follow that the victims of Catholic abuse are also responsible for the actions of their pedophile priests? After all, these priests were once the victim’s “reverends” too.

And what about the rest of us. Are we somehow responsible for the misdeeds and even the misspeaks of our former bosses, colleagues, and pastors? Are children held accountable for the independent actions of thier parents? Are newspaper subscribers responsible for whatever might be printed in the oped? Any sane person would agree that that would be ridiculous.

Is Wright an independent, fully grown adult? Yes. Did Obama tell him what to say or encourage it in any way? No. Does Obama or anyone else have the power to control what Wright says? I doubt it.

Hilary tells a blatant lie trying to show herself to be some kind of macho war mistress, having to run for cover under a barrage of bullets to visit the troops and that actually serious incident has disappeared from the press. But Obama, who is leading the race and is a real threat to the Republican criminal cartel, is still all over the news because of something someone else said that has nothing to do with him.

The only good part of this whole dirty business is that it shows – no, proves how embarrassingly petty the press, the republican party and all the Americans who eat this crap up as if it is gospel really are. The whole rest of the world is laughing their asses off because we are publicizing what all of them have known all along. That with all of our riches and blessings we are still just a petty, racist country and really no better than anyone else.

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