Bush’s Ratings Soar on Bright Economic News!

Just kidding.

Bush scored a 27% approval rating this week on his handling of the economy, his worst showing ever in that category. So, what does he do? What any other stressed out Republican in denial would do. He blames the Democrats.

President Bush, hoping to inoculate his party and his presidential legacy from election-year anger over the economy, heaped criticism on the Democratic-led Congress on Tuesday for “letting the American people down.”

I gotta say, regardless of the subject matter, Bush has an enormous amount of nerve to talk about anyone other than himself “letting the American people down”. I can’t recall any former president who had less of a clue or cared less about what the American people want. With Bush, it’s almost as if he reads the polls and then does exactly the opposite of what they suggest. He then blames the anger and frustration of the people on Congress.

…But he offered no new ideas for a range of economic worries now facing the country, from record gas prices and soaring food costs to rising inflation, layoffs and home foreclosures, and a credit crunch that even has sparked fears of a college student loan squeeze.

Well of course he didn’t offer any new ideas. He doesn’t have any. He believes that by putting a few hundred dollars in your pocket, dollars you’ll end up spending on $4.00 gasoline, that you will forget about the spiraling inflation, soaring food costs, obscene gasoline prices, the housing nightmare, business closings and job loses and record setting budget deficits.

Oh, and the other thing he is depending on you to forget is Iraq and Afghanistan. And, I must admit Mr. President, that strategy appears to be working. Not one war related headline in Google news this morning to distract us from your agenda.

He still refuses to use the term “recession” as if we are all so stupid as to believe that as long as that word never passes his lips, we don’t have one. He uses terms like “slowdown” and “tough times” and “difficult straits” to make it seem like it’s not quite so bad. Of course, he NEVER goes to a gas station to fill up his tank, he NEVER goes grocery shopping, he NEVER pays a medical bill and he NEVER has to worry about being laid off.

He didn’t even have to worry about being impeached for his criminal, traitorous acts because he knows that the American people don’t have the balls to demand that it happen. We are much better moaners and groaners than we are demanders and insisters.

Bush does have one plan though, to get us out of this “difficult strait”.

But he pivoted quickly to longer-term fixes that he favors, such as opening a coastal strip of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil exploration and production, and making it easier to build new oil refineries and nuclear power plants. All are longtime priorities of his that have been stymied in Congress.

Sure, his one solution to YOUR problems is to give HIS oil buddies a free hand to expand their businesses and reap more profits while they further fuck up the tiny bit of unspoiled environment we have left. And I’m just absolutely positive that when they do it, your gas prices will come tumbling back down. And the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and the old bearded sage in the sky really do exist.

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