Traveling Wilburys

It was while George Harrison was having dinner in Los Angeles with Roy Orbison and producer Jeff Lynne that he mentioned he was going to go somewhere the next day and make up a tune. Roy agreed to join him.

They knew Bob Dylan had a studio in Malibu so George called himw and he said sure, come on up. Harrison had left his guitar at Tom Petty’s house and when he picked it up, Tom decided to join in, too.  The group ended up with a song called Handle With Care.

They thought that one sounded pretty good and decided to do another 9 to make an album. They recorded the remaining tracks in the kitchen at Dave Stewarts (Eurythmics) house. Harrison called meeting and the results “magical”. And so it was.

Youtube has an exceptional video of the story in three parts – (1) (2) (3) that’s definitely worth watching. While Dylan is legendary even in the eyes of these talented artists, it is obvious that they are all in awe of Roy Orbison.

I make it a point not to miss performances by Dylan and while he usually appears nervous, angry or bored, playing with these guys he really seems to be having a good time.

Shortly after the album went platinum, Orbison died. When they did the music video for End of the Line, they paid tribute to Roy in a most memorable way. Enjoy.

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