The Pope is Coming…The Pope is Coming!

Yeah, and I for one am barring the doors and windows and keeping the children locked inside for the duration.

The Church commissioned a study that found 10,667 people accused 4,392 priests of child sexual abuse from 1950 to 2002.

And that doesn’t include the illicit probing, touching and wanking that’s been going on behind rectory doors for the last 6 years. If this isn’t all disgusting enough, reports show that More than 17 percent of accusers had siblings who were also allegedly abused. Among accusers, 46.9 percent said they had been abused numerous times. No wonder the church prohibits birth control. Big families means more easy pickin’s for the priests.

Why is the Catholic Church finally willing to take this problem seriously? Is it because they have suddenly found a little morality? NOT. It’s because after $2 billion dollars in settlement claims they just cannot afford it anymore.

Bill Maher posed an intriguing comparison on his show last night. What if these cases of abuse and molestation were coming from a big Day Care chain instead of the church? What would happen to the perpetrators and the head of that company? They would be thrown in jail ofcourse and become bugger fodder for the other inmates. But because it is the “high and mighty” church, priests are simply reassigned and settlement money is quietly paid.

Reuters has a good timeline of the major church incidents here and take a look at Maher’s take on it last night. He also compares it to the recent child abuse allegations coming out of Texas. Oh,and for heavens sake, don’t forget to lock up the children.

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2 Comments on “The Pope is Coming…The Pope is Coming!”

  1. Buffalo Says:

    Over the centuries there has been a lot of bad, as well as a lot of good, done by various clerics. I don’t know how the scales balance. I do think the church plays a significant role in the lives of believers. I hope they can get cull the bad and get back to giving the faithful hope.

    Odd thing for an atheist to say, but there it is.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I agree Buf and also that the bad overshadows the good. But we do and should hold the church, any church to a higher standard when it comes to crime. Unfortunately, instead of making examples of the predators in the very beginning in order to nip this in the bud, the church in it’s arrogance decided it was above man’s law and chose to cover it up. For that, they deserve our unbridled disgust.

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