All in the name of religion – again

\As of today over 400 children have been taken into protective custody from the Fundamentalist LDS “Yearning for Zion” compound in Texas. The state is saying that all were either abused or in harms way. The pedophile bastard who leads this wayward but allegedly holy cult is already in prison so they probably can’t charge him for today’s crimes. In case you’ve forgotten, he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl and then forcing her to marry her 19 year old cousin.

They are questioning and detaining some of the other men. Well, I’m sure glad to hear that!

Some of the women have chosen to stay with their children. SOME? And the rest have been told they are free to go or return to the compound. Why? Don’t they maybe have any information about the nightmare that their children were being subjected to? Don’t they have something to say about the policy of forcing girls as young as 14 to marry men as old as 50? Aren’t they witnesses? Jeez!

How could this whole thing go on, especially after the ringleader was arrested and convicted, without someone knowing? I mean, shouldn’t law enforcement or child services at least have monitored the situation from time to time? Well, they didn’t. Not until a 16 year old girl who was forced to have a baby by some old pervert called and complained.

Oh, forgot. This is Texas – again. And besides, it was a religious compound. All in the name of God.

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